Mars-Uranus-North Node roundup • insights from around the blogosphere

Hi there folks! I wanted to check in about the Mars-Uranus-Node conjunction coming up in the next couple of weeks. It seems like everybody’s talking about it.

We have been talking about this a good bit in the Monday Morning Masterminds since I began them in mid-June. In the first “meeting” I was all by myself until Barbie joined me. But I proceeded with my heads-up, there’s something big and Uranian up ahead. In our next meeting at the end of June, we conversed a bit about how it feels, how nervy and on edge the energetic environment has been.

In a way the new Cosmic Storytellers Club has been an embodiment of Uranus, planet of astrology and kooks like myself, with the connecting power of the Nodes, bringing together people of like mind and like purpose, shared destiny. During a galvanizing and often shocking time in our history. We come together for a weekly touchstone of support, friendship, and practical truth in a challenging world. Members get advance notes and other bonuses.

The launch of this new group was, characteristic of Uranus, a bit chaotic. But I am starting to find a rhythm to it.

I expect the hangover from this one to last through the August Full Moon. I might post about this soon on my Youtube channel, so subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified when I post!

Meanwhile I searched my networks for some good analysis about this, and I pretty much struck gold. Here are some good shares I found.

URANUS CONJUNCT TRUE NORTH NODE  by Cafe Astrology – WithUranus forming a conjunction to North Node, we attract people or lessons into our lives that encourage us to detach from traditions or conventions that are keeping us from growing. It’s a good time to make pivotal friendships or group connections.”

Explosive Liberation by Mel Priestley, Earthshine Astrology – well-written and well-researched historical and geopolitical context for this that relates strongly to our present challenges. “We can expect more civil unrest and outbreaks of protests, rioting, mass strikes and other labour conflicts. Mars-Uranus also suggests the image of a soldier-for-hire, and so I wonder if we’ll see some sort of mercenary influence in the Russo-Ukraine conflict, or perhaps something similar closer to home.”

Uranus and Mars conjunct North Node by Jessica Davidson. I love this take. “As the system collapses it will become obvious that globalism simply doesn’t work and many more people will begin to see through the illusion. This is a good thing, although shocking if it’s a new idea for you. Many could find themselves liberated or freed from a situation against their will. But you can also take this as an opportunity to break free from whatever is holding you back, keeping you stuck or trapped.”

Did I miss any good ones? Leave a comment with your recommendation!


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