Jupiter in Leo July 2014 – August 2015


Jupiter shows us where growth is taking place. When Jupiter moves through Leo, baby, it’s eye of the tiger time! You have permission to be dramatic, creative, and bossy. Confidence grows and personality bursts forth, especially in children. If this energy is not grounded in a healthy sense of self, it may show up in a distorted form— arrogance or narcissistic qualities, drama kings and queens. We will see real-life examples of exceptionally good— and bad— leadership at this time.

But Jupiter in Leo is not all about bravado. It’s about igniting a flame within. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks; follow your passion. It’s yours, not anyone else’s.

Leo’s planetary ruler is the Sun, representing our creativity, sass, leadership abilities, and vitality. Leo rules gold, which may see large movements in price as Jupiter visits.

If Jupiter is growth, these industries are due for a surge of movement, grandiosity and growth: Hollywood, entertainment, cats and cat rescue, fashion, jewelry and other bling, healers of the heart and spine, stockbrokers, romance novelists, and anything having to do with children.

Jupiter rules the law and the liver, and his downside is excess. Overindulgence catches up with us in one way or another. Jupiter calls for expansion, whether it’s your life or your waistline. Tumors and fatty deposits affect the Leo parts– the heart and spine– more strongly this year.

Jupiter in Leo Quotes


“Great self-confidence, large scale planning, a conscious desire to lead is combined with popularity. Love of luxury and pleasure. – Self-admiration, vanity, neglect of the inner life, speculation.”
 – Reinhold Ebertin, Combination of Stellar Influences

“Seeks to grow and improve oneself through creative activity, freely expressing one’s exuberant vitality, and through warm, supportive encouragement of others.” 
– Stephen Arroyo, Chart Interpretation Handbook

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