February 9-23, 2016 ☂☼☂ Hands-on learning


Jupiter in Virgo opposite Chiron

“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you are too busy, then you should sit for an hour.” – Zen saying

The planet Jupiter is an expansive force that carries the power of growth, optimism, and faith. While Jupiter is in Virgo, life expands in ways that are modest and utilitarian. This is a temporary departure from the more typical larger-than-life expression that Jupiter is known for.

Work: Jupiter brings growth opportunities. Focus on creating efficient and effective processes in the workplace. Look for simple solutions that come from outside your comfort zone, drawing from different disciplines, different cultures, and different time periods.

Love: Your weirdness and sensitivity have a purpose, so honor them; don’t wish them away. Embrace the oddball in those you love, and you can’t help but to gain a healthy regard for your own quirks. Skip ahead and read the next section, Ghosts from the past for a closer look at Chiron. It may help you understand things that come up during this period, too.

Health: Emotion (Pisces) alters digestion and biochemistry (Virgo), and biochemistry in turn alters emotions. This yin-yang relationship between Pisces and Virgo is an important astrological representation of the mind-body connection. A holistic approach considers both sides of the seesaw to determine the root causes of illness and health.

Chiron shows us the importance of these connections between emotional and physical health, and on a broader scale, between our health and the health of the community, ecosystem, and planet. This is why being in nature is so therapeutic now. Get out and love on plants and animals; soak up the Sun and Moon, fresh air, snow, and rain as much as you can.

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