Chiron in synastry

A while back, a reader asked:

Hi Molly,

I have a synastry question. I am wondering how you think Chiron interaspects work in synastry. At the moment I am particularly thinking on a Chiron conjunct Ascendant interaspect in my current relationship. Chiron is very prominent in my chart (handle to a my bucket), so I try to pay attention to it.

Any thoughts you want to share on this?

My answer to her?

I don’t consider Chiron to be a major player in synastry.

Sorry about that! I have a better answer for you now.

People with Chiron strong in their chart have the potential to develop a strong kinesthetic sense. (By strong, I mean in an angular house, conjunct an angle or a planet, or involved in lots of aspects to other planets.) Kinesthetic is a physical, Virgo, 6th house kind of psychic ability (as opposed to the more emotional sense of Pisces and the 12th house). Clairvoyant people see things. Clairaudient people hear things. Kinesthetic or clairsentient people feel things. I have Sun and Mercury conjunct Chiron in my birth chart. As I have zero planets in water in my chart, I rely on my body to tell me what’s going on. I can feel the organs in my abdomen, the bones in my feet, my legs, my ribs, my hips. I talk to plants and animals. I do energy work.

If you have a Chiron connection in synastry with someone else, you may find yourself with the ability to touch and feel them on that level, and they you. It can be a person who awakens your own kinesthetic ability, or who can help you take it to a new level. Chiron has to do with themes of wounding and healing, in this lifetime and past ones. For a raw picture of it, see Alex Grey’s piece, Journey of the Wounded Healer (possibly NSFW). Because this is such a deep, physically rooted energy, you make an impact on each other and may bring up these deeper wounds and hurts. Chiron has a an impact similar to Saturn. A heavy energy, but more emotional and related to our well-being on a spiritual as well as a physical level. Saturn has more to do with rules, boundaries, and structures.

Chiron also has to do with teaching and mentoring. This may on some level be an important part of the relationship.

So it’s a potent connection. Don’t forget to read the aspects in the individual charts as well. Those are just as important— to understand the relationship, you have to understand the people in it.

I welcome your experiences impressions, and comments.

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