July 31-August 3 ☼ NEW MOON in Leo

new moon in leo
African lion

New Moon at 10° Leo
Sun and Moon trine Saturn

It’s not an easy patch of time between now and the Full Moon, but the story it tells is ultimately one of progress and successful change. As the excitement of the creative and romantic New Moon in Leo pairs with the long-term vision of Saturn, a practical and well thought-out plan of action wins the whole enchilada this Lunar cycle.


  • Another productive Lunar cycle begins with harmonious contacts to Saturn, and ends with opportunities to make favorable changes.
  • Schedule a meeting with the team or the boss, software or hardware update, paperwork, or other high priority task.
  • Work on practical solutions to create order, structure, and smooth workflow. Go over expenses, the budget, looking for opportunities to save money.
  • Progress may happen slowly, but it establishes a foundation from which to move forward.


  • Supportive contacts to Saturn help you work out the details and make or execute complicated plans.
  • Do you need more space in your relationship? This Lunar cycle culminates with a Full Moon in Aquarius, signaling more space, more freedom, breakthroughs, and needed changes (that happen very quickly).
  • People who are older or more established than you are willing to help.


  • Vitality is relatively stable at the time of the New Moon.
  • Run errands, do research, or visit a professional for advice,
  • Adjust your diet, supplements, or medication.
  • Creativity and play promote good health.
  • Direct healing energy and supportive treatments to the heart.

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4 Responses

  1. Molly your forecasts are everything! I have knots in my stomach re: the love section. However, the work section is definitely the direction I need to be going.

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