AstroWellbeing case study: Schizophrenia

A while back, a reader asked me a terrific question.

My son has developed schizophrenia, probably drug induced. Was he born with this or what astrological configuration causes this?

Dear reader, may I first humbly acknowledge the struggle both you and he are dealing with.

astro chart
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When I examine your son’s chart, what pops out first is the prominent first house Aries Moon squaring Neptune and Uranus. Moon-Neptune contacts make the native extremely sensitive. It suggests that your son may be having immune reactions to certain foods and other biochemicals that cause him to “heat up” physically, mentally, and emotionally. These immune reactions originate in the gut (Moon) but can cause generalized inflammation (Uranus) that can pop up anywhere– and since he has that Aries Moon, it pops up in his brain. I can also make a pretty good guess that he is susceptible to heavy metals (ruled by Aries) that may be poisoning (Neptune) his nervous system (Uranus). Neptune also rules the pharma drugs that you suspect caused his difficulties.

Mental issues are also highly correlated with trauma (Uranus) during childhood (Moon).

The holistic view of mental health differs greatly from the psychiatric view. We look at the big picture of overall health, not just the brain. The brain is part of the body, therefore, health issues that originate outside the brain can still affect brain chemistry and brain function. If we can identify and address the root cause of imbalance in the brain, we can “move the needle” on mental health.

diagram of the brain

Identifying the appropriate diet and supplementing deficient nutrients can make a huge difference with mood and mental disorders, even schizophrenia. It’s possible your son’s mental health could improve with a gentle, long-term detoxification program– especially with Jupiter in Virgo (the liver & intestine) in his 6th house (health).

I don’t know if you have already tried working with natural therapies with him. I would probably start with a hair test for heavy metal toxicity and a serum test for food allergies. You might also check out this blog post that I came across recently. It’s a fascinating first-hand story of a woman who struggled with schizophrenia all her life until she found a doctor trained in orthomolecular (vitamin) therapy who was willing to treat her.

Molly Gauthier is an astrologer and certified nutrition therapist.

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