How I got into this

Where the story begins

It seems like forever ago that I bought Jan Spiller’s book New Moon Astrology and started making wishes. It was the late 90’s, and I was a young woman with a keen interest in astrology. New Moon Astrology outlines a simple ritual for making specific wishes at the time of the New Moon and writing them down. A large part of the book is a “catalog” of suggested wishes arranged by astrological sign and by category. Home, kids, work, friendship, romance, travel, etc. It quickly became one of my favorite astrology books. You will see why as you read further.

My close friends and long-time readers know I have a great respect for the power of intention, ritual, and the Lunar cycle. I think of the New Moon as a time to focus my intention and have a think. I ponder who I want to be and what I want to accomplish, personally and professionally. Visualizing the future I want helps me cast my net of intention and program my subconscious in that direction.

Every time I’ve made this list, I’ve filed my wishes away in a folder and forgotten about them. Until the end of 2016 came around… and I started thinking about that quiet power stashed away in my filing cabinet. I decided to pull out the folder. I have wishes dating back to 2002 that I never looked at again until now.

Not all of my wishes have come to pass. But look what has come true…

  • I’m almost entirely free of migraines.
  • I feel more security and joy in life.
  • My emotions are stable.
  • I feel more confident than I have in a long time.
  • I’m married to a man I adore, who adores me too.
  • We live in a beautiful home on a magical piece of land.
  • I have a career I’m passionate about.

The strange thing is, to get to here…

To get here, I had to lose some things that were very dear to me. The things I feared losing the most. My ex, my home, my health, my dignity, my mind. For two solid years as Pluto squared my 6th house Aries Sun, my new husband and I struggled with my chronic fatigue, near-permanent migraine, severe anxiety, debilitating chemical sensitivity, and hair-trigger temper. True to my 8th house Mars-Saturn conjunction, I hit rock bottom in a spectacular way. I lost everything about myself that I liked. I lost my magic.

What happens after rock bottom?

Something inside me took me by the hand and led me to the answer I needed. I figured out why I was sick and set to changing my diet and carefully choosing supplements and home remedies to support my health. And you know what? I didn’t get it perfect all the time, but I got better!

I won’t go down the rabbit-hole of the details of my recovery from mercury poisoning (the heavy metal, not the planet) here. The important thing is that cleaning it up has freed me of so much of the unconscious psychological noise and aggravation that made my world, my life, and my thinking very small and tight. Every year, I was a little worse. Now that I’m on the road to recovery, every year I am more confident, more settled, and more accepting of myself, my story, and my truth. (Even the ugly parts.)

I have been watching my symptoms ebb and flow with the movement of the planets for about 20 years now.

My first symptom pattern was migraine headaches. My trouble with migraines began just a few years after I started studying astrology. Even early on, I could plainly see the synchronicities between planetary cycles and trends in my own health. When I saw others responding to the same cycles, too, I realized I was on to something.

I have helped hundreds of clients set dates for their surgeries and medical procedures. But at times, this work was reeeeally frustrating because I couldn’t help the way I really wanted to! If you had a chronic illness, I could see trouble and tell you it was coming. But I didn’t have the in-depth knowledge or the clinical skills to help you turn the corner and get better.

That’s why I went back to school in 2015. Now I’m doing something I have wanted to do since I started my career as an astrologer, forever ago– stepping into medical astrology. My personal goal is to use my expertise in astrology to help as many people as possible. It makes me a little nervous because it means sharing more of myself and being more personally involved with you than I have been in the past. But I’m healthier now. I can handle it.

How about you?

Now that you know about me, I’d love to hear about you and what brought you here. I’d be grateful if you’d introduce yourself in the comments below, and tell me your ideal outcome when it comes to learning astrology, and what you’re most looking forward to gaining from it.

Until next time,
Molly Gauthier, CNTP

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  1. Hi Molly,

    Love your site and all the information you provide! I have my Vedic horoscope which is based on the 12 houses and I see that Western astrology also has the notion of houses and orbs(?). When I compare the Vedic to the Western, all the planets are shifted typically by one house, and so this confuses me. If you have a one-line comment, can you tell me how a planet can be House 1, say Capricorn, and also be in Aquarius based on the degree of alignment? If my Q makes no sense, I understand!

    Thanks a bunch for your service

  2. Hi Molly
    Not sure how I ended up here but I did – must be fate ! I am in my 40’s, been with the same man since I was in my teens, no children but two dogs I love. We live in a very isolated area in England, GB…I am so desperately sad and unhappy. I don’t know what to do…I feel I have wasted my life and I am being punished in some way. I know I should leave but I have no money, in fact I have a secret debt which worries me sick but I am trying to sort that out, two dogs and nowhere to go….I am a Capricorn…and every horoscope I read seems more like a horror-scope for me. Do you see anything in my future that can give me hope? Nice to read about you and all of your lovely sounding supporters. Best wishes to all….Collette.

    1. Hi Collette – Life is hard for Capricorns right now with Pluto and Saturn digging up the most difficult issues. I think creating a plan to get that secret debt under control may be key to feeling better about yourself and your life. Sometime during the next 6 years Uranus in Taurus will open a new door for you, an opportunity for greater freedom. That’s about all I can say not knowing more about your chart. It’s hard for Capricorn now. It won’t be this way forever.

  3. wow, amazing people here on this comment page.

    I have been an herbalist for 51 years now, and want to understand the astrology of herbs and medical herbalism. But (and it’s a big BUT – pun not intended!!!) I am really new to astrology. Looking forward to the winter and lots of time to read and learn, that is my goal. My first task…. understanding my own chart. I figure one has to start somewhere!!

    Thanks, Molly for all you offer. Looking forward to learning more from you.


  4. Hi Molly, I would very much like to participate in your program. I have been plagued tbroughout my life w low energy; though, when I was younger I could pull out of the low spots w a good night’s sleep. Not so much for the last 20+ years as Hoshimoto’s, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, insomnia, anxiety, etc have narrowed my life. Last year I went through 2 knee replacements (w your expert guidance on ideal sugery dates), so that pain has been mediated. However, pain in my hip and back have now escalated. I’ve lost a lot of weight over the past 20 years, but I continue to be overweight and struggle to lose. I also I struggle to attend my workouts twice a week and not collapse in an exhausted pile afterward. I’m ready to consider some changes, but I have to admit I enjoy flavor in my food. In addition to my issues, I would love to assist my family and my couseling clients w their health issues. Thank you for the sincere and genuine research and work that you do to help others.

    1. Hi Sandy! Thanks so much for your kind words.

      If you’d like to talk about working together on your health, please set up a time for a free call here:

      If you think you would be interested in my astrology training program, click here: Birth Chart Clarity. The course contains an extensive lesson on Medical Astrology (which I plan to build out in the near future).

      I’ll release a stand-alone course in medical astrology sometime in 2020, as well.

  5. Hi, Molly,

    I’ve been thinking about my answer(s) since I first read your post the other day. I’ve consulted you twice for dates for procedures. In both instances, it’s difficult to describe the relief I felt over being able to “do something” for myself in the situation. And in both instances, I knew that the procedure would occur at the best possible time on the best possible day for ME–not the most convenient day/time for the surgeon, which is how surgery dates are usually selected. No positive or negative outcome was guaranteed, of course, but I went into each procedure knowing I had done all I could to help myself in the situation. That was really important to me.

    If I am selected as a participant, I hope to learn how to provide this information for myself and for family members. My own health issues are minimal compared to those of most of the people in my life. Sometimes it seems like everyone around me is falling apart, and I just help pick up the pieces. It would be nice to do something more than pick up pieces after the fact. But I want that something to be empowering to the people I help. Too often, the chronically ill and/or those with rare conditions are made to feel dependent on a healthcare system that offers them few if any solutions but creates dependencies of various kinds.

    For example, my mother is going into long-term care, and I would like to be able to help select the most beneficial times and dates for any procedures she might have. I have a sister who has a life-threatening illness that manifests at random. Even the Mayo Clinic has no idea what is going on with her, and she spent days there undergoing testing. Western medicine offers her almost nothing, other than patching her up and sending her on her way. I would LOVE to see if there is any pattern that emerges that might provide a way to figure out when she is most at risk of one of her health episodes occurring.

    On a larger scale, I would like to see if I can help people the way you helped me–by giving them an idea of the time/date most likely to support the best outcome for them individually. I think it would give great comfort to people faced with making decisions about managing their health.

    1. Hi, Marygwyn – thank you for your thoughtful comment. You sound like you would be perfect for the course. 🙂

      I agree with you about the healthcare system. It is appropriate at times, but its toolbox is limited, and often times does not address the root cause of the illness, only the symptoms.

      It sounds like you are already a great supporter of your friends and family. Astrology may help shed light on some of those lingering questions, and it definitely helps with the planning.

  6. Hi Molly!
    Your story resonates with me at my core. My intestine ruptured when I was 19 and it set into motion a life very much connected to my body and what is was trying to tell me. It took me awhile to understand & connect to what is happening inside & embrace it as the blessing in disguise that it truly is.
    I’m like so many people who don’t know any other way to feel better but to react w/ our conditioned minds & I saw life through that lens for a good amount of time. Thankful, by the grace of God, I started cracking open & I began my journey on my spiritual path but, again, in a very conditioned way. I allowed new information & knowledge in but my belief system, values & sense of self worth were still locked in a box. I was constantly working & searching for the key & I had even convinced myself that I had freed myself from it- but b/c I was looking through that same lens, it really was just an illusion that meant well. (Or maybe not. My ego identified w/ it & needed it to stay in place.)
    Needless to say- seeds had been planted & when I helped my father transition out of this realm, I was gifted w/ the magical of experiences. During which he transferred his energy onto me & I heard him tell me that this was more valuable than money & I should use it to make my dreams come true & let my gifts flower from the ground. It was so real- I was so grateful & in awe, it never questioned it!! Immediately & before he was even buried astrology & the Tarot became a tool for understanding the behaviors & energy coming from myself & others. I could instantly understand & make sense of what & why people were reacting in such strange & strong ways. I wasn’t being effected in such a personal & negative way b/c I had a tool that helped me see the true nature of things & it was personal.
    I’ve always put everyone’s need before my own but I was so obsessed (& a little obnoxious b/c it’s all I could talk or think about) that I allowed myself to not jump to the social needs & demands that I had conditioned myself too. I study everything I could & I learned the language of the Universe & I opened up new doors for myself. As u well know- it’s never quite as it seems!! I was only going to get so far b/c I had not handled my inner work.
    I had found new ways to keep my Crohn’s disease from flares so I wasn’t able to use that as a distraction. Instead the relationships that were the “junk food” of my soul started weighing me down & had no nutritional value for anyone!!! The painful reality of what I had allowed myself to consume was smacking me in the face & what that meant I would have to change & give up was undeniable. I was in such pain that there really was no choice so I embraced it.
    Having built a life w/ astrology & Tarot gave me an anchor & new focus- thank god. I was able to except the process, as scary & painful as it has been but the fears of loosing everything- including my identity takes us deeper than I could have ever imagined. I’ve been very proud of how I’ve handled myself through this- even though I have been a hot-mess more times than I would have thought necessary BUT it was all necessary! I had to see, feel & learn every single thing that presented itself during those “breakdowns”. That was the only way I would get my “breakthroughs”!!
    I’ve been committed to doing the work to clear space for my new life; I’ve tended to the blooms that started way back when; and I’ve planted the seeds of education that are rooting as we speak and will lead to a beautiful harvest and true abundance. I want to feed myself and as many people as possible with the fruits of my labor & what that will yield. I’m currently working to clarify my plan and vision so I will manifest w/ as much success as the Universe will allow. The Universe- God- and nature have sent me the bees (, etc.), rain (the tears from my deep dive inward) & plenty of sun (astrology, Tarot, self development) that r reinforcements in this process. When u can buzzing around today the sun came out & my heart opened up!!! I had to reach out & tell you how grateful I am for u & I witness how sweet & special u & what ur doing truly are!!!
    Thank you so much and I’m beyond grateful & honored to unite with ur energy!!! Keep on buzzing, reproduced & flying high! ?

  7. Hello Molly! I’ve followed you for years and am happy to introduce myself after so much time. My health and life were excellent until 1988, when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Over the years, I’ve had to stop working (teacher), driving, and my life has become limited to seeing family and a few good friends. My husband helps me so much that I often feel guilty about all he does. Two years ago I had two scopes on my left knee. Now I’ve been advised to have the knee replaced. The surgery and recovery terrify me. Arthritis NSAIDs caused bleeding ulcers in January, which healed, but I’m still on a stomach med for the next three months and can only take Tylenol Arthritis for arthritis pain from now on. A sciatic pain problem has plagued me since January, and an epidural injection in my back is scheduled for June 28. I’m terrified about that too. I’ve been a student of astrology for 30 years but never as it applied to the ebb and flow of my health. I hope that following your postings on how the two are related and the effects they have on me will help me to feel better and be less afraid. I really want to get my life back. It’s been a difficult and sometimes depressing few years. Many thanks for being here, listening and helping.

    1. Hi, Kathy! Thanks for reaching out. It’s great to “meet” you!

      It sounds like you have been through a lot of intense pain and loss lately due to these health issues.

      Hats off to your husband; it sounds like he is a great support.

      It’s understandable that even though knee replacement surgery can help with a lot of the pain you’re having, you’re still feeling terrified about it with all the stomach issues. Your ability to break down and absorb your food directly impacts the availability of the nutrients and building blocks your body will need to heal itself and recover.

      If surgery is in your future, consider the long-term highs and lows you see in your transits, and (of course) plan it for a high ebb when your systems should be functioning more optimally.

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