What’s astrology’s place in my healing journey?

A great question came across my inbox recently:

I can understand astrology having related effects to types of illness, but can medical astrology help us to understand and cope and even cure, or moderate the problems? I am dealing with fibromyalgia and related issues.

In medical astrology, identifying weak points in a person’s physiology is the easy part. A personal example, my Sun is in Aries, and I suffered migraine headaches for many years. Headaches are typical– it’s the Aries weak point. A deeper look gives me information about the underlying process at work. My Aries Sun squares my natal Jupiter, which tells me that part of my headache story involves my liver. Even a quick glance at my chart gives you insight into the processes that resulted in my headaches.

What do you do with that information? How do you use it to help your clients? Knowing my liver was a weak spot wasn’t helping me feel any better. I would mention it to doctors and they would blow me off. A lot of the natural medicines that were supposed to be good for the liver didn’t make me feel better. Why? Because the answers to these questions go beyond astrology. What I eventually learned was that the chart won’t tell you exactly what is going on. But it will give you the pieces of the puzzle.

But then what? That was where I was continually stuck and frustrated as a medical astrologer (and it’s why I became a practitioner). It was like having sickness x-ray vision– but what a crappy superpower! How does it help if I tell you that your head hurts or your muscles hurt? Chances are, you already know.

So why bother with medical astrology? Why study it? Why consult a medical astrologer?

We bother with it because astrology does give us some good insights into the disease process and potential for healing and feeling better. A medical astrologer can help you with answers to these questions:

  • What are some potential root causes of my ill-health? Which body systems are involved?
  • What kind of medical or alternative health practitioner would be most likely to help?
  • What is the timeline for this illness to play out?
  • What is the deeper meaning behind my health journey?
  • What emotional and spiritual issues must I also work with?
  • What patterns of unconscious thought and emotion tend to correspond with my illness, and how can I work to overcome them? (My teacher Lynn Koiner has done some fantastic research in this area)
  • What days are best for my appointments, starting new medications, and medical procedures?
  • Which herbal and energetic remedies might help me feel better?

Note: It is not legal for an astrologer to diagnose illness (unless you are also a licensed medical professional). If you claim to use astrology to diagnose or treat illness, you could get in legal trouble for practicing medicine without a license. As a clinical nutrition therapist, I am also not legally allowed to diagnose you with an illness. But that’s okay. Diagnosis is just a label. My job is to help you identify and address the root causes of your health issues and suggest diet and lifestyle changes designed to give your body what it needs to feel better naturally.

Bernadette Brady opens her book Predictive Astrology with a fable about a lark who wanted to share her beautiful song with the gods but could not fly high enough. Her friend, the eagle could soar to great heights but did not possess the lark’s beautiful song. So they combined their talents. The lark rode on the eagle’s back, and together, they made it happen.

The accuracy and usefulness of a medical astrologer’s insights depend on where and how high her eagle can fly– her training, skills, and understanding, not just of astrology, but also of anatomy and physiology, medicine, and/or the healing arts. It is possible to know “just enough to be dangerous” in these areas. That’s why I suggest that clients run their astrologer’s suggestions by a trusted practitioner who knows your health history before implementing them.


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