South Nodal Charts

The South Nodal Chart is a simple, easy to learn medical astrology technique that you can use to locate physical features and symptoms on the body.

How the Nodal chart works

When I read a medical astrology chart, I read the normal signs, houses, and the angular relationships between the planets. The regular birth chart with all of its complexities.

The South Nodal chart works a little differently. We’re going to rotate the entire chart so that the degree of the Moon’s South Node is the new Ascendant. The same degree of the next sign is the 2nd house cusp, and so on around the chart. Then we read the houses and planets using a specific method that maps the houses to different parts of the body. It is simple to learn. (Play the video for details.) If you know the symbols for the planets and which houses are which, you can use this technique to easily map the body and its vulnerabilities.

How useful is this charting technique?

My husband Scott – a bodyworker in the Rolf method – is fond of using these charts to understand the “system” of his clients’ structure and symptoms. Not just the part that hurts, but other parts of the body that hold patterns of tension or karma that limit movement and contribute to their pain.  It gives him some insight into where he needs to work to bring the whole system into balance.

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Download the Nodal Chart Worksheet

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2 Responses

  1. Hey Molly,

    This was very interesting and informative so thank you for sharing your knowledge! I have consulted you twice for major surgeries, both with great outcomes.

    I am going to sign up for the Beginner’s Course because I just can’t get a grasp on even reading my chart which I’ve had done several times by different people; it’s like a foreign language to me :).


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