A storm (perhaps a rainbow) – Virgo Lunar Cycle – Fall 2020

Astrology is, at its core, the study of time cycles. Daily, monthly, annual, and multi-year cycles reflect the constantly changing energetic, emotional, political environment. The Lunar cycle takes place once a month. The Moon hits two touchstones in each cycle: the New Moon and the Full Moon. By reading the details in the charts of […]

Aries with Virgo checks in

(A classic post from 2006) I am an Aries with Virgo Rising and Moon. Isn’t this like a contradiction?? Aries is said to be aggressive and impulsive, while Virgo is over critical and conservative. Aries is impatient and Virgo is the perfectionist. Since both my Rising and Moon is Virgo, am I like a Virgo […]

Full Moon in Virgo: The road to health is paved with good intestines

AstroWellbeing outlook for March 12-26, 2017. The Full Moon this month appears in Virgo, as the Moon reflects the light of the Pisces Sun. Pisces and Virgo represent the interrelationship between the body and mind and their mutual influence on one another. Virgo is the material, and Pisces the non-physical aspect of wellbeing. Biologist Candace Pert […]

Jupiter in Virgo: Nerd Heaven

Jupiter’s archetype is larger than life. He’s the eternal optimist who loves a good adventure and never fears taking a risk. He can be an accomplished investor, weighing risk against reward, or a foolish gambler who presses his luck and loses it all at the track. Jupiter shows an urge to grow, explore, and expand […]