Saturn square Uranus: 2021’s Wake-Up Call

saturn square uranus

What does Saturn square Uranus mean? Saturn square Uranus is a 90° angle between the planets Saturn and Uranus, viewed from Earth. It is a temporary planetary contact that repeats three times in 2021. It reflects the societal and personal change, instability, and even violence that we’re seeing at the beginning of 2021. Astrology also […]

Saturn in Aquarius 2021-2022 • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

saturn in aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius: the background Think back, for a moment, to life before 2020. Before the rules changed forever. Let’s think all the way back to 2019, before Jupiter entered Capricorn. Back to 2017, before Saturn moved into Capricorn. All the way back to 2008, before Pluto moved into Capricorn. Capricorn represents the skeleton of […]

Astrological signatures in Raynaud’s phenomenon

A question came in last week: “What astrological perspective would explain Raynaud’s phenomenon?” What is Raynaud’s phenomenon? Raynaud’s phenomenon is hypersensitivity of the fingers and toes to cold. Your body naturally adjusts to temperature changes by increasing or decreasing the size of the capillaries (your tiniest blood vessels) and thus the amount of blood that […]