Astrological signatures in Raynaud’s phenomenon

A question came in last week: “What astrological perspective would explain Raynaud’s phenomenon?” What is Raynaud’s phenomenon? Raynaud’s phenomenon is hypersensitivity of the fingers and toes to cold. Your body naturally adjusts to temperature changes by increasing or decreasing the size of the capillaries (your tiniest blood vessels) and thus the amount of blood that […]

Chiron in Synastry

This post, Chiron in Synastry, is from my old blog (RIP). Enjoy! A while back, a reader asked: Hi Molly, I have a synastry question. I am wondering how you think Chiron interaspects work in synastry. At the moment I am particularly thinking on a Chiron conjunct Ascendant interaspect in my current relationship. Chiron is very […]