The transiting Moon in medical astrology

For centuries, astrologers have understood and worked with the relationship between the Zodiac signs and certain parts of the body. Just a few hundred years ago, Western physicians considered astrology to be essential to the practice of medicine. They knew that the WHEN is almost as important as the WHAT. We follow the Moon in […]

What does Astrology have to do with Architecture?

Molly’s Astrology received a mention in a new book about sustainable architecture! That’s cool, you say. But why? What does astrology have to do with architecture? This book’s central focus is Earthships, which are funky, almost Tatooine-esque homes built largely of recycled materials. The author, my dear friend Rachel, draws on her training in architecture, […]

The difference between Vedic and Western astrology

A major difference between Vedic and Western astrology: the zodiac systems TM writes: I am a bit confused since according to the Vedic Astrology (from India) the Saturn enters Leo only in the July of 2007 and that at present it is in Cancer for past two years which ends in July 2007. I know […]