Mercury retrograde * June-July 2020

June 18 – July 12, 2020 Mercury retrograde in Cancer I think Mercury retrograde is probably the number one “gateway” event that pulls people into the realness of astrology beyond the horoscopes. I have not done a formal survey on this. But it’s one of the easiest astrological events to witness in real-time. For one […]

Mercury retrograde special report: February 16 – March 9, 2020

  Mercury retrogrades are not all the same If you have been watching the skies for a while, you might notice that some Mercury retrograde times go by largely unnoticed. Others are like a stinking pile of retro-mess from beginning to end. Why is that? The answer is simple if you have some skywatching basics […]

Mercury retrograde: the basics (and 2020 dates)

A planet being in retrograde means that, to us here on Earth, it appears to be going backward. The opposite of retrograde motion (or Rx for short) is direct motion. Mercury retrograde mechanics Of course, the planets are not really going backward. It is an optical illusion. Take Mercury retrograde for example. Mercury travels around […]

Mercury Retrograde– what’s it good for?

Mercury on the dollar

That Mercury rx is annoying is undoubtedly true. With the lights blinking off and on, wind and weather kicking up, technology glitches, misunderstandings, wrong turns and traffic jams, we have reason to be annoyed and reason to be extra cautious during Mercury retro.

Mercury and Mars retrograde, 2018: Here’s how it winds down

Look up in the sky. What do you see? Not much of a Moon these days… because just a few days ago the Moon was new – a Solar Eclipse in Leo, to be exact. You might see Mars extra bright in the night sky as we pass by in our orbit, making Mars appear […]

Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde, Eclipses, oh my! 2018

This is temporary This is temporary This is temporary Some time ago, I attended a meditation course where the main technique consisted of sitting still with eyes closed, carefully witnessing the sensations that arose, and keeping in mind that it’s all temporary. Good sensations, bad sensations. What they all have in common is that they […]