October-November 2020 – The mess we’re in.. and a reason to be optimistic

New Moon in Libra – October 16, 2020 The Sun and Moon aligned last week in the air sign Libra. This puts relationships, partnerships, and social life on the front burner. But the aspects to the Sun and Moon tell us that this isn’t about the fluffy, feel-good part of relationships. The square to Saturn […]

A storm (perhaps a rainbow) – Virgo Lunar Cycle – Fall 2020

Astrology is, at its core, the study of time cycles. Daily, monthly, annual, and multi-year cycles reflect the constantly changing energetic, emotional, political environment. The Lunar cycle takes place once a month. The Moon hits two touchstones in each cycle: the New Moon and the Full Moon. By reading the details in the charts of […]

The Pisces Lunar Cycle and the COVID-19 crisis

In astrology, the sign Pisces and the planet Neptune represent infection. Cold and flu season tends to appear during the Pisces Lunar cycle, no matter what. What makes this cycle so remarkable? What’s the astrology of coronavirus?