The Aries Lunar cycle: You may be isolated, but you’re not alone

It’s Tuesday, March 31, 2020. Mars is bearing down on Saturn, newly in Aquarius, and it feels like the world is falling apart. I think about the changes taking place now and what the world will look like after this is over. I take a deep breath…. let it out slowly. The Aries New Moon […]

COVID-19: Medical astrology insights and holistic strategies

COVID-19 is here. All the signs point to: a lot of people are going to get sick. It’s coming. We are blessed here in the United States. Blessed that we are not the first to face this disease. That means we can learn from people in other countries who are about a month ahead of […]

The Pisces Lunar Cycle and the COVID-19 crisis

In astrology, the sign Pisces and the planet Neptune represent infection. Cold and flu season tends to appear during the Pisces Lunar cycle, no matter what. What makes this cycle so remarkable? What’s the astrology of coronavirus?