Face shape, facial features, and the rising sign

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Astrology of the Face: Watch the Replay Get my freshest research on the connection between the rising sign and facial appearance. I had a lot of nerdy fun putting this presentation together, and even more fun teaching it to you! All levels, suitable for beginners (One of the things I LOVE about replays is that […]

Aries with Virgo checks in

(A classic post from 2006) I am an Aries with Virgo Rising and Moon. Isn’t this like a contradiction?? Aries is said to be aggressive and impulsive, while Virgo is over critical and conservative. Aries is impatient and Virgo is the perfectionist. Since both my Rising and Moon is Virgo, am I like a Virgo […]

The difference between Vedic and Western astrology

A major difference between Vedic and Western astrology: the zodiac systems TM writes: I am a bit confused since according to the Vedic Astrology (from India) the Saturn enters Leo only in the July of 2007 and that at present it is in Cancer for past two years which ends in July 2007. I know […]