Your 2021 Aries New Moon Treasure Map

new moon treasure map 2012

Your 2021 New Moon treasure map This is a fun creative project designed to help you harness your own intuitive knowing and “plant a seed” of intention at a time of year that charges up new endeavors with the pure, focused energy of the Aries New Moon. Once a year, the window opens for two […]

Fall 2020 forecast

astrology for fall 2020

Mars will activate, motivate, and inspire you to fight the good fight. But when we see Mars making some difficult connections to other planets, like we are seeing this Fall, crises and emotions spin up quickly. Mars in Aries boosts the irritability factor and makes you more acutely aware of your drives, desires, and self-interest.

The Aries Lunar cycle: You may be isolated, but you’re not alone

It’s Tuesday, March 31, 2020. Mars is bearing down on Saturn, newly in Aquarius, and it feels like the world is falling apart. I think about the changes taking place now and what the world will look like after this is over. I take a deep breath…. let it out slowly. The Aries New Moon […]

Aries with Virgo checks in

(A classic post from 2006) I am an Aries with Virgo Rising and Moon. Isn’t this like a contradiction?? Aries is said to be aggressive and impulsive, while Virgo is over critical and conservative. Aries is impatient and Virgo is the perfectionist. Since both my Rising and Moon is Virgo, am I like a Virgo […]