Birth Chart Clarity

Take your chart readings to the next level!

  • Cut through confusion, overwhelm, and “analysis paralysis”
  • Learn to identify the most important features of the chart
  • Study with a group or at your own pace
  • Supportive, accessible mentoring
  • Awesome downloads, worksheets, and extras

Here’s what students are saying about Birth Chart Clarity

Molly, I want to say that this is hands down the BEST astrology course I have ever taken! I’ve often participated in online classes-- individually or a set of classes-- but this is SO chockfull of great info that it’s like having an entire set of astrology encyclopedias. It’s truly comprehensive but presented in a way that it is not overwhelming. I would tell anyone and everyone who has the basics down to skip ALL the other courses and enroll in this one!

I have taken another course on planetary aspects. I got the very basics of the meaning of aspects, but was left trying to figure out how to identify these aspects in an actual chart. Your explanations really helped me get a better understanding.

Molly, the course gets better and better! Just watched the second chart synthesis video, and this is exactly the nerd stuff I always wanted to know more about.

3 reviews for Birth Chart Clarity

  1. Denise

    I highly recommend taking any course that Molly offers! She is a great teacher and has a wealth of knowledge that she shares in her courses. She holds nothing back and is very willing to answer questions.

    I have been studying astrology off and on for the past several years. I was finally able to tie all my knowledge together and make sense of everything with Molly’s course. Thank you so much, Molly!

  2. Susan Lewis, shamanic practitioner

    This course is like the best combination of an astrological encyclopedia, online tutorial and coffee chat with a caring person who truly wants to lift others up into the healing world of astrological knowledge. The price is a bargain given how much Molly has managed to pack into this course. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Carmen

    Best course out there for learning astrology!!! Now I can spot and interpret the natal chart, and know so much more about all the little details. Videos, downloads, flash cards, online group meetings, Facebook group and one-on-one’s make this THE VERY BEST astrology course – I’ve been studying with the best for many years and now thanks to Molly I can finally put it all together!

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Birth Chart Clarity

(3 customer reviews)
  • Cut through confusion and overwhelm
  • Overcome astrological “analysis paralysis”
  • Awesome downloads, worksheets, and bonuses
  • Learn at your own pace or with a buddy or group
  • Supportive, accessible mentoring
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