Aspects Masterclass • Part 2 of the Birth Chart Clarity Trilogy


Level up your chart readings

  • Learn about the web of connections between the planets in your chart
  • Tell the deeper stories of the birth chart
  • Study at your own pace
  • Awesome downloads, worksheets, and extras

Here’s what students are saying about the Birth Chart Clarity series

Molly, I want to say that this is hands down the BEST astrology course I have ever taken! I’ve often participated in online classes-- individually or a set of classes-- but this is SO chockfull of great info. It’s truly comprehensive but presented in a way that it is not overwhelming. I would tell anyone and everyone who has the basics down to skip ALL the other courses and enroll in this one!

I have taken another course on planetary aspects. I got the very basics of the meaning of aspects, but was left trying to figure out how to identify these aspects in an actual chart. Your explanations really helped me get a better understanding.

Molly, the course gets better and better! Just watched the second chart synthesis video, and this is exactly the nerd stuff I always wanted to know more about.

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Aspects Masterclass • Part 2 of the Birth Chart Clarity Trilogy

  • Tell the deeper stories in the chart


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