Align your "me time" with the healing forces of the Moon

Download my free workbook. When you complete the five easy steps, you’ll have a 30-day plan to get better and longer-lasting relief from your most aggravating health issues by addressing them when the healing forces are at their strongest.

Give yourself some Moon-powered love

The only Moon Sign workbook made exclusively to help you feel better

Are you tired of aggravating symptoms ruining your day? Your knee glitches, your neck goes out, your head hurts. You feel like crap. You sleep like crap. Maybe you even crap like crap!

There are times it can go into a downward spiral. You feel exhausted and drained, so you let your self-care fall to the bottom of your to-do list. You don’t eat well, don’t sleep well, and the problems snowball. The stress and pain can impact your moods, your relationships, and your focus at work.

I don’t have a magic pill, potion, or crystal to restore you to perfect balance. But I do have a simple, actionable, 100% free workbook that will help you power up your wellness game by:

  • Setting aside some time for yourself
  • Targeting your most aggravating pains and symptoms at the appointed time (according to the Moon’s sign)
  • Getting the maximum benefit from your efforts

Make Time for Self Care (at the Perfect Time)

Plan your favorite self-care routines, whether it’s a massage, your favorite home remedy, or a cup of herbal tea. My guide helps you determine the right timing.

When you finish, you’ll have an action plan for the exact days when paying some loving attention to your body will have the most powerful positive impact on the symptoms that keep you stressed, worried, and not living your best life. You’ll get better and longer-lasting relief, giving you more time and energy to come back into connection with yourself and your purpose.

If you have studied astrology at any level, you know it can get overwhelmingly nerdy and technical sometimes. But this workbook sets aside the jargon and guides you, step by step, through a ridiculously simple, powerful timing technique that anyone can use– even if you don’t “speak astrology.”

Make self-care a priority

and power it up with my simple, actionable planning guide.

Simple, 5-step process

that you can use even if you’re allergic to astrological charts and jargon.

Learn some useful astrology

get a simple but powerful technique to "level up" your wellness game.

What my students are saying

Molly helped me figure out what astrology is, and what it isn't. With her straightforward approach, her friendliness and honesty.
What a labor of love! Step by step. I always got confused about which planets to look at and what was most important. You make it clear – Thank you!!!
Learning from Molly is like a coffee chat with a caring person who truly wants to lift others up into the healing world of astrological knowledge.
Head shot

Molly Gauthier, CNTP - Astrologer and Holistic Nutrition Therapist

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the 1990s and discover astrology again. I remember being a new student, looking up my sign placements and aspects for the first time, finding all of these wonderful nuggets of truth and validation.

The best feeling is when the truth-nuggets start to come together and form a picture that reveals even deeper truths. The chart comes to life… and the light turns on.

I love that.

I help people who are excited about astrology take their knowledge and skills to the next level. I also practice medical astrology and nutrition therapy to help individuals identify and address deeper issues and meanings impacting their health.

© 2020 Molly C. Gauthier

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