The Intersection of Science and Woo

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The Elusive Intersection of Science and Woo

When you get into medicine or any sort of healing art, for most of you, it’s out of a desire to help others feel better, self-actualize, and live their best life. 

You spend years and dollars becoming a practitioner. You’re good at what you do. And you also have developed astrology somewhat beyond a hobby. You have studied charts long enough to know there is something to it.

But you struggle with understanding this intersection. Maybe you have bought some books or taken courses. But you’re finding it hard to find a course that helps you put the pieces together and get something useful for your client. 

It’s not your fault that it hasn’t come together for you yet. You just need someone to help bring the picture together and show you how to apply the techniques you’re learning.

What if the birth chart was part of your healing arts practice?


A medical reading will give you valuable insight into your client’s strengths and vulnerabilities.  The chart won’t produce an exact diagnosis, but it does reveal physiological processes, mental attitudes, and soul-level complexes that impact wellbeing.

Once you have some medical astrology under your belt, you can apply your knowledge within your own scope of practice. Whether you work in the healing arts, bodywork, conventional or unconventional care.

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How will this benefit bring me value?

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How will this benefit bring me value?

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How will this benefit bring me value?


Includes a medical astrology "quick start" guide
$ 87 Introductory pricing
  • Especially for herbalists
  • Suitable for beginners!
  • Planet-herb correspondences
  • Simple medical astrology "crash course"
  • Printable handouts and worksheets
  • Interesting examples
  • Great bonuses

Medical Astrology Self-study

your self-paced introduction to medical astrology
$ 197
  • Planets and signs in medical astrology
  • Nutritional and biochemical connections
  • Case studies and bonuses

How to plan surgery with astrology

step by step with case studies
$ 197
  • Introduction to Medical Transits
  • Using the astrological calendar
  • Guidelines for choosing a good date
  • Charts and worksheets
  • 2 Case studies

Medical Astrology Bundle

All of the above at a sweet discount
$ 327
  • Astro-Herbology
  • Intro to Medical Astrology
  • How to plan surgery with astrology
Best Value

If you need help choosing the right package for you, or if you have a question before enrolling, please schedule a free 20-minute meeting.

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Sometime in the mid 1990s, I started buying every beginning astrology book I could get my hands on. I was obsessed with learning about my astrological chart. Month after month, every spare moment went to looking up planets in signs, aspects, trying to find answers about my life.

I did find them. And the answers were far more insightful than I had ever imagined. 

My interest in astrology has been life-long. I became interested in alternative health techniques in my late 20s when I developed increasingly severe migraine headaches. I studied herbalism and bodywork, learning to ease my pain, but never quite resolving it.

Over the years, I observed my symptoms following the movements of the planets. My interest in medical astrology blossomed then. I got very good at predicting WHERE and WHEN it would hurt, but I still didn’t have the WHY.

My health hit rock bottom in early 2014. The best thing about rock bottom is, there’s nowhere to go but up. Once I figured out the root cause of my illness, I put all the energy I had into fixing myself up. Slowly, my health got better rather than worse for the first time in my life.

In 2015, I enrolled in a Colorado school for holistic nutrition, where I learned about nutrition, lifestyle, and root causes of illness. I gained a set of tools to help my clients address the roots of their health issues naturally so that they can live their best life. Medical astrology is an important part of that toolbox.

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