🌑 New Moon ☠️

Traditionally known as the ☠️ DEAD MOON ☠️

Because the root zone is at its most active, making it easier to kill plants.

  • High activity/sensitivity underground, in the root zone.
  • Roots are more vulnerable to stress and transplant shock.


  • Search and destroy pests and their eggs.
  • Clear and prepare garden beds.
  • Annual weeds – easier to kill.
  • Perennial weeds – easier to kill by disrupting the root zone.
  • Cutting, dead-heading, and pruning.
    • Revive a poor grower or encourage more blooms by topping or cutting growth tips at the New Moon.


  • Seeds – difficulty mobilizing stored nutrients for vigorous germination.
  • Cuttings – less likely to grow vigorous new roots.
  • Transplants – maximum shock to the root system.
  • Be careful not to overwater at this time.
  • Be careful not to overfertilize at this time.