Reading Oppositions

Oppositions are tricky to get a hold of. Like the conjunction, the opposition is a powerful aspect, and can have an orb of 10 degrees or more. Oppositions require balance and a need to address both sides of the teeter-totter. Often we “own” one side (usually the nice, friendly side) and “project” the meaner side onto others, attracting our own energy into our lives in the form of other people.

To read an opposition, first consider the planets involved. Then the polarity of the opposing signs: what happens when they are in balance (cooperating), and what happens when they are out of balance (conflicting).

Willpower and creative partnerships with others. Conflict of will between native and those ruled by opposing planet. Projections.

Projection of emotional problems onto others, blaming them for unrecognized faults.
Need to learn objectivity, especially in affairs ruled by opposing planet, sign and house of opposing planet.

Understanding and communicative ability. Difficulties in relating, arising out of differences in opinion and outlook relating to the opposing planet.
Need to learn to see the other’s point of view.

Relationship problems in emotional, marital and romantic spheres.
Can be a taker but not a giver in love.

Relationship problems come from rash and aggressive actions.
Need to learn cooperation.

Can be too demanding of others, take things for granted.

Relationship difficulties arise from negative or selfish attitudes concerning the opposing planet.
Can be an austere and unapproachable appearance.

Unpredictable or unreasonable attitude toward others.
Unwillingness to give up freedom in relationship with people or matters ruled by opposing planet.

Can be confusing to others when there are unconscious emotional hangups.
Psychological difficulties projected onto other people, causing confusion and misunderstanding.
Need to make sure others know where they stand.

Powerful will. Can have domineering attitudes toward others, generating resentment.
Need to consider the rights and wishes of others.

Text is drawn liberally from Sakoian and Acker, The Astrologer’s Handbook

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