Reading Conjunctions

Conjunctions can have an orb of 10 degrees or more. Their effect is to inseparably combine the energies of the planets involved, each making the other planet more powerful. First note and ponder the planetary energies of the conjunction, then ponder them in the context of the sign. They will manifest most strongly in the sign/s and house/s the conjunction occupies. Next in the houses ruled by the planets involved.

 Sun Conjunctions:
Strength, willpower, creative ability.

 Moon Conjunctions:
Intense feelings and dominant emotional influence.

 Mercury Conjunctions:
The mind is given power and understanding in reasoning and communicating ability.

 Venus Conjunctions:
Heightened expression of social, romantic and aesthetic proclivities…
Gentleness and grace attract others.

 Mars Conjunctions:
Self-affirmation, courage, anger, independence, energy. Tendency to take direct action.

 Jupiter Conjunctions:
General attitude of optimism, good will and awareness of constructive possibilities, generous, gains willing cooperation of others.

 Saturn Conjunctions:
Ambition and hard work, but many obstacles and limitations to be overcome. Conservative, serious and respected for self-discipline, but austerity can discourage warm relationships.

 Uranus Conjunctions:
Originality, creativity and dynamic tendencies. Genius. Unusual behavior, and independent attitude. Prone and to sudden changes.

 Neptune Conjunctions:
Affairs of the other planet(s) involved are difficult or impossible to understand. Other planet(s) are channels for intuition, mysticism, otherworldliness.

 Pluto Conjunctions:
Power to transform one’s own self and one’s own life. Powerful will
(can be overbearing). Penetrating insight and power of concentration.

Text drawn liberally from Sakoian and Acker, The Astrologer’s Handbook, pp. 256-277.

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