Moon Void of Course (v/c)

What is Moon void of course (v/c)?

The Moon moves through all 12 Zodiac signs every 28 days. One sign every 2-3 days. The Moon is void once she has finished forming aspects (angular connections to other planets). The void period ends when the Moon enters a new sign. It can last as little as a few seconds or more than two days, depending on how the rest of the planets are situated in their signs.

What happens when the Moon is Void of Course?

First, it’s not a terrible thing! So don’t worry about it. It happens every 2-3 days. If you can read this, then you have survived it thousands of times. It’s not worth moaning about– but it is worth knowing about.

Void of Course = off course. The train has left the tracks— and it will tend to go in the same direction and back onto the track you intended if you just leave it be. But if you push it in any way, it can go off your intended track and end up on another track– one you didn’t intend. You have little power to influence the track your boxcar ends up on (no steering mechanism). So take a “time out” from the big actions and decisions when the Moon is Void of Course.

You don’t have to hide out or lay low, but do stick to routine tasks. Don’t launch an idea or product, or initiate an important conversation. Don’t make major decisions, purchases, or announcements. Give your mind and body a rest. Use the Moon v/c to get caught up and recharge your battery. Organize your desk, take care of mindless busywork, or take that long bath you’ve been craving. Have a little fun.

Social media and modern online marketing tools make it easy to schedule announcements and promotions. Check my Moon calendar before you send the email or launch the ad.

Pro tip: you can use the Moon VOC to make plans that you don’t really want to keep. My friend Lynn always mails her tax returns when the Moon is void of course! She says it helps her avoid an audit.

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