Moon Void of Course (v/c)

What is Moon void of course (VOC)?

The Moon is the emotional barometer of the heavens, and the fastest-moving body in our skies, moving through all 12 Zodiac signs every 28 days. One sign every 2-3 days. Once the Moon finishes forming aspects (or “checking in” with the other planets), she’s disconnected or void of course for the rest of the time she’s in that sign.

The VOC period can last as little as a few seconds or more than two days, depending on how the rest of the planets are situated in their respective signs. The VOC period ends when the Moon enters a new sign.

How do I know when the Moon is void of course?

Most astrological calendars include Moon void of course information.

Moon void of course calendar

What does Moon Void of Course mean??

The Moon represents the emotional flow. When the Moon walks in the front door of a sign, she “wakes up” that sign’s energy. Then she will engage in aspects with other planets and temporarily take on their energies. Once she has checked in with every planet she’s going to, she’s off duty. She’s done.

As above, so below! We here on earth tend to feel a little less inclined to get excited about something new.

Void of course = off course. The train has left its track— and it will tend to go in the same direction and back onto the track you intended if you just leave it be. But if you push it too hard, it can go off your intended track and end up on another track– one you didn’t intend. You have little power to influence the track your boxcar ends up on (no steering mechanism). That’s why you’ll probably do well to take a “time out” from the big actions and decisions when the Moon is VOC.

The Moon VOC is a good time to

  • Catch up on paperwork and bills
  • Clear your desk, organize your space
  • Take care of routine business and tasks
  • Recharge your battery
  • Turn inward and let it drift….

Moon VOC is NOT such a good time to

  • Send a marketing blast
  • Begin a social media promotion
  • Make an important decision, purchase, or announcement
  • Meet a new client
  • Meet someone for the first time
  • Try something for the first time
  • Have an important medical appointment

Check my astrology calendar for the Moon VOC before you send an important email, make a date, or launch an ad campaign!

Pro tip: you can use the Moon VOC to make plans that you don’t really want to keep. My friend Lynn mails her tax returns when the Moon is void of course! She says it helps her avoid an audit.

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