Mercury: the messenger

Here is the glyph for Mercury: a little person wearing a hat, like a delivery boy.

Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo.

Ancient astrologers looked in the sky and saw a strange little light that followed the Sun very closely. He would show up just after sundown in the evenings for a couple of months, then disappear! Then he would show up in the mornings just before sunrise for a couple of months, then he was gone again! This was Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, a busybody, smooth talker, extremely smart– and a prankster.

The keywords to keep in mind for Mercury are:

  • The Mind
  • Day-to-day communications and logistics
  • Every day travels and trips
  • Intelligence
  • Learning style
  • Information
  • Details
  • Schedules

Mercury’s sign shows how we communicate: do you communicate quickly (Aries), slowly (Taurus)? Forcefully (Leo), softly (Pisces)? Methodically (Virgo), or off the top of your head (Sagittarius)?

The people and things in your life ruled by Mercury are:

  • Neighbors, Siblings, Pets, and Machines

Mercury rules the:

  • hands, lungs, and nervous system

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