The Zodiac sign Aquarius

Aquarius strengths and weaknesses:

Logical Hard-headed
Objective Detached
Visionary Obstinate
Humanitarian Rebellious
Eccentric Unpredictable
Independent Tactless
Intelligent Avoids dealing with emotions

Aquarius is the fixed air sign. Fixed signs are the most persistent and unchanging. Air signs are the most mental and social.

The modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, planet of eccentricity, rebellion, and change. The traditional ruler (and modern co-ruler) of Aquarius is Saturn, planet of responsibility, conformity, and tradition. Aquarians are special in that they have a little of both. And each Aquarian is defined by how they satisfy both the need to be kooky, different and the need to be traditional in some way.

If you have planets in Aquarius, they indicate where you have a visionary gift. The greatest strength of Aquarius is the ability to step outside of the “drama” of a situation and see things objectively. Aquarians tend to be good at science, or anything involving waves of energy— radio, TV, electricity, computers, Reiki, acupuncture, Feng Shui. Aquarius is also the sign that rules astrology.

Groups, and especially humanitarian causes, are also good for Aquarians to become involved in. Aquarius innately understands that when everyone in the community benefits, I benefit too.

Aquarius is the sign of friendship, and for the most part, Aquarians are easy to get along with. They are good listeners, but do not readily volunteer information about themselves. They have opinions, but probably won’t tell you what they are unless you ask them.

The trap for Aquarius is thinking there is only one way of doing things, or one way of looking at the world. They can get stuck in the air sign trap of trying to view everything in life through logic and reason. This works well only to an extent. When emotions get involved (which have their own logic apart from any “reasoning” of the mind) the gut level reaction from most Aquarians is to detach and retreat. (Planets in water signs, or a strong Moon may mitigate this tendency.)

The best strategy is to accept feelings as hard facts rather than personal decisions, and deal with them on that level. Emotional people will flip out if you tell them they “shouldn’t feel” a certain way. How many times have you been successful in deciding how to feel?

The right psychotherapist can help Aquarius become more comfortable opening to deeper feelings. As Aquarius is so lucky to have two ruling planets, both Uranian and Saturnian forms of bodywork and exercise can be very helpful. Uranian forms work with the body’s chi meridians (pathways of life force energy) and can be considered energy work, such as acupuncture, tai chi, chi gong, reiki. They are especially useful for calming the nervous system and addressing inflammation. Saturnian forms focus on the body’s structure and especially benefit the skeleton and bones, like yoga, massage, zero balancing, rolfing.

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