2022 November

Week 5

Sun 30
Mon 31
Tue 1
Wed 2
Thu 3
Fri 4
Sat 5
Sun 6
Mon 7
Tue 8
Wed 9
Thu 10
Fri 11
Sat 12
Sun 13
Mon 14
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Wed 16
Thu 17
Fri 18
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Sun 20
Mon 21
Tue 22
Wed 23
Thu 24
Fri 25
Sat 26
Sun 27
Mon 28
Tue 29
Wed 30
Thu 1
Fri 2
Sat 3
7:14 pm - 7:14 pm Moon in Pisces 🥬
Local Date: Nov 29 2022 |
Local Time: 7:14 pm - 7:14 pm
11:40 pm - 11:40 pm Moon in Aries 🍏
Local Date: Dec 01 2022 |
Local Time: 11:40 pm - 11:40 pm

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Astrological garden calendar

More results with less work? Yes, please!

You’ve spent time and money on your garden. Buying seeds, tools, fertilizers, and other supplies. Hauling materials. Feeling it in your back, shoulders, legs after you’ve spent all day turning over the soil.

Did you know that following the Lunar cycles can save you time, money, and work?

Imagine if you could enlist Mother Nature as your gardening buddy by doing the right activity at the right time. 

What if I told you, at the right time:

  • Seeds germinate more quickly and vigorously
  • Transplants are more successful
  • Your harvest stores better and keeps longer
  • Medicinal herbs are more effective

And guess what… the right timing might not be what you’re thinking. Throw away your almanac and break the rules with me. This is way more fun! And it has been getting me great results in my indoor and outdoor gardens.

You too can get a better return on your investments of time, energy and money in the garden, kitchen, and apothecary with my garden calendar. Grab your seed box and let’s kick ass in the garden together. 

© 2022 Molly C. Gauthier