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Venus opposite Pluto

Mercury opposite Neptune

Sun inconjunct Chiron

Moon void of course

–> Pisces

Mercury trine Pluto

FULL MOON at 10° Pisces

Venus opposite Saturn

Sun trine Uranus

Mercury square the Moon’s Nodes

Mercury trine Saturn

Moon void of course

–> Aries

Venus square Mars

Mercury inconjunct Mars

Mercury sextile Venus

Mercury enters Libra

Moon void of course

–> Taurus

Venus enters Leo


Moon void of course

–> Gemini

Sun trine Jupiter

Mars turns retrograde at 28° Aries

Mercury opposite Chiron

Moon void of course

–> Cancer

Sun opposite Neptune

Mercury inconjunct Uranus

Jupiter turns direct at 17° Capricorn

Moon void of course

–> Leo

Venus trine Chiron


Sun trine Pluto

Moon void of course

–> Virgo

Venus square Uranus

Sun square the Moon’s Nodes

NEW MOON at 25° Virgo

Moon void of course

Mercury square Jupiter

–> Libra

Sun trine Saturn

Mercury inconjunct Neptune

Moon void of course

–> Scorpio

Sun inconjunct Mars


Mercury square Pluto

Moon void of course

–> Sagittarius

Venus inconjunct Jupiter

Mercury trine North Node

Sun enters Libra

Mercury square Saturn

Moon void of course

Venus inconjunct Neptune

–> Capricorn

Mercury enters its retrograde shadow

Mercury opposite Mars

Moon void of course

Moon void of course

–> Aquarius

Venus inconjunct Pluto

Mercury enters Scorpio

Venus sextile North Node

Moon void of course

–> Pisces

Venus inconjunct Saturn

Venus trine Mars

Saturn turns direct at 25° Capricorn

Sun opposite Chiron

Mars square Saturn

Moon void of course

–> Aries

FULL MOON at 09° Aries

Sun inconjunct Uranus

Venus enters Virgo

Moon void of course

–> Taurus

Jupiter parallel Pluto

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Major events in 2nd Quarter 2020

  • Jupiter conjunct Pluto – April 4, June 30
  • North Node enters Gemini – June 4
  • Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – June 5
  • Solar Eclipse in Cancer – June 21

Major events in 3rd Quarter 2020

  • Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – July 5
  • Saturn (rx) re-enters Capricorn – July 1
  • Jupiter sextile Neptune – July 27
  • Mars retrograde – September 9 – November 13

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