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In Tune with the Moon - mini course


All the days of your life…

…you have lived and breathed, like your ancestors, under the same Moon, aligned to the same Lunar phases and cycles that continue today. Your physical body evolved with the Moon’s monthly tidal rhythm. Every being on Earth lives in sync with the Moon’s signs and phases. Mother Nature encoded it in our DNA.

But most modern people have lost touch with the Lunar rhythm. With our artificial lighting, grocery stores, and digital timepieces, we no longer look to the Moon’s sign and phase when we plan our activities. Without this connection to the Moon, we lose a sense of order, and the subtle advantages that good timing has to offer.

Let Nature do some of the work for you

Syncing your activities with the Moon can help put time on your side.

Whether you are nurturing and healing your body, growing a garden, or stewarding a piece of land, you will quickly realize the benefits of aligning your activities with the Lunar signs and phases.

Are you ready to visit the Moon? Let’s go!!

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