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Welcome to Astrology for Beginners

Astrology for Beginners is your step-by-step guide into the signs, symbols, and mysteries of the astrological chart.

This course is for you if you’re ready to move beyond Sun-sign horoscopes and learn to read your own birth chart.

Why invest your valuable time into learning astrology?

For starters– it’s fun!! But the rewards of learning astrology go far beyond entertainment.

As you go down the “rabbit hole” reading your birth chart, a more complex, detailed, and multilayered picture of your world emerges. The signs and symbols in your chart reflect your personality characteristics, but their archetypal meanings go so much deeper than that. 

Your birth chart is a map of your drives, motivations, and underlying patterns— your cosmic “fingerprint.” Your chart speaks to the deeper reasons you’re YOU, the work you came to do in this life, and your innate (and often unrecognized) gifts.

Your chart shows you not only WHO but also WHY you are— and that self-awareness can transform your whole life.

I find astrology especially useful in humanistic fields such as the healing arts, intuitive work, and psychotherapy.

The skills you learn in Astrology for Beginners (and my intensive course Birth Chart Deep Dive) will set you up to learn other hot topics in astrology– like individualized forecasting, relationship compatibility, and finding the best timing for important stuff like medical appointments, social engagements, and business activities.

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10 thoughts on “Astrology for Beginners”

  1. Maeve McQuillan

    Just finished the course, thanks, I love it!

    I’ve used my own chart as the main example throughout, and went from being completely confused as to how a Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon and Leo rising all blend together to having a slightly better understanding of how that all works together! I also didn’t understand houses at all before, and while I think I need more practice with more charts, I at least feel like I have a guide for what it means now. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for your generosity, Molly. The lessons are succinct and easy to understand…really well organized. Your graphics are playful and uplifting. Thanks again.

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