Aspects: The Guts of the Chart

Welcome to the Aspects Masterclass – Level 2 of the Birth Chart Clarity Trilogy.

Back in 2018, I started working with a small pilot group of students. With their help, I created the earliest versions of all of my current courses– including some as-yet unreleased class series. 

Learning to forecast was the ultimate goal of my early work. My first class series was called Forecasting Masterclass. You might still see that name on some of my older videos. To be a good forecaster, you need to understand the birth chart. It all starts with the natal blueprint– and everything relates back to it. So that is where we started.

Birth Chart Clarity lays a foundation that will open up possibilities for you to take your work in many different directions. You’ll have what you need to dive into medical astrology, the astrology of families and relationships, past lives. And– of course– forecasting.

This course is for you if you know some astrology, you’re really into it, and you’re ready to take your chart interpretation skills to the next level. More information and registration: Birth Chart Clarity Trilogy

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Aspects: read the chart's deeper stories
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