Molly’s Astrology Classroom

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Beginning Astrology - fundamentals

how to read a birth chart - birth charts for beginners

Winter 2021 Beginner Circle

Every other Saturday, 12 noon Eastern time
January 9 - March 20
Birth Charts for Beginners + Beginner Circle $97

Take your chart readings to the next level

birth chart clarity - cut through confusion - read charts with confidence

Birth Chart study circle

Spring 2021 classroom series guides you through two of my best Masterclasses. Practice finding and reading the deeper stories in the chart.
8 Classroom Meetings
Every Saturday • 12 noon Eastern time
April 10 - June 5, 2021
only $247

Advanced options

medical astrology

Medical Astrology Study Group

Study and practice group. How to find and work with the health journey in the chart.
6 classroom meetings Summer 2021.

Registration opens soon

usa chart + virgo NM 2020

Transits co-creative masterclass

Learn and practice the most widely used and accurate forecasting method in Western astrology. Join me as I remodel my Transits course for you and with you.
12 classroom meetings
Classes start January 16 every other Saturday through June 2021
12:00 pm ET (with 3 meetings at 2:00 pm)
Transits Masterclass + co-creative classroom only $297