An Astrology teacher’s manifesto…

There’s something big I have been working on for the past year, that I’ve been looking forward to telling you about today. But first, a little of my backstory. In 2013, I bottomed out. In just a few years, my health had sharply declined… until I finally collapsed into a furious heap of anxiety and […]

Astrology of the Solar Eclipse – July 2, 2019

total solar eclipse

Because the July 2nd Solar Eclipse occurs in the sign Cancer, it sets a highly emotional tone for the coming cycle. Cancer represents emotional processing, coming to terms with the past, getting your needs met.

Aries New Moon Treasure Maps

This is a fun creative project designed to help you harness your own intuitive knowing and “plant a seed” of intention at a time of year that charges up new endeavors with the pure, focused energy of the Aries New Moon. Once a year, the window opens for two days. The 2019 window opens on […]

Aries with Virgo checks in

(A classic post from 2006) I am an Aries with Virgo Rising and Moon. Isn’t this like a contradiction?? Aries is said to be aggressive and impulsive, while Virgo is over critical and conservative. Aries is impatient and Virgo is the perfectionist. Since both my Rising and Moon is Virgo, am I like a Virgo […]

Sun signs like oil and water: Are we doomed?

A classic post from 2006! I really really really like a Taurus, but everything I read says that Gemini and Taurus are set for failure, what’s up with that? We get along so great and he’s not as domesticated as what the web sites read. I’m tired as I’ve been bouncing from relationship to relationship […]

Jupiter in Sagittarius November 8, 2018 – December 2, 2019

The times are a’changing, folks! Jupiter exits intense, emotional, mysterious Scorpio and comes out into the open as he enters Sagittarius on November 8. Jupiter tells us where we’re growing, exploring, and going big. Jupiter is larger than life, optimistic, loves adventure and risk. He can be an accomplished gambler, weighing risk against reward, or […]

Mercury and Mars retrograde: Here’s how it winds down

Look up in the sky. What do you see? Not much of a Moon these days… because just a few days ago the Moon was new – a Solar Eclipse in Leo, to be exact. You might see Mars extra bright in the night sky as we pass by in our orbit, making Mars appear […]

Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde, Eclipses, oh my!

This is temporary This is temporary This is temporary Some time ago, I attended a meditation course where the main technique consisted of sitting still with eyes closed, carefully witnessing the sensations that arose, and keeping in mind that it’s all temporary. Good sensations, bad sensations. What they all have in common is that they […]

Mars is soooo retrograde

Fatigue sculpture

Are you feeling this Mars retrograde? That heavy, tired, out-of-gas feeling? Mars is sooooo retrograde right now. Retrograde Mars is closing in on the South Node this week, which drains things away from us, like our energy (Mars). This draining effect can help us let go of karmic attachments, old anger. It’s a difficult time for teams […]

The AstroWellbeing guide to Mars Retrograde

Mars rx composite photo from NASA

Is this thing still on? Hi, folks! I’m back with new mojo and a new website. What do you think? The header image makes me laugh and think of the friend who made it for me. Have you all been feeling a drain on your energies lately? Since about Mid-June? That’s because Mars is about […]

What’s astrology’s place in my healing journey?

A great question came across my inbox recently: I can understand astrology having related effects to types of illness, but can medical astrology help us to understand and cope and even cure, or moderate the problems? I am dealing with fibromyalgia and related issues. In medical astrology, identifying weak points in a person’s physiology is […]

The Full Moon in Libra April 2017

Kidney art

Full Moons are a time when the physiological activities and emotions stirred up at the time of that fresh, hot, and fast New Moon in fiery Aries reach a peak or maximum. Today’s Full Moon in Libra highlights the skin and kidneys as areas to target for treatments (other than surgical) and self-love. The Full […]

AstroWellbeing for Venus Retrograde 2017

March 4-April 15, 2017 Begins at 13° Aries, ends at 26° Pisces Practice self-validation during Venus retrograde. Validate yourself, and help others along the path by validating their voices and perspectives, too. Why? Because Venus retrograde brings up issues of self-esteem, and validation helps us feel valued, safe, and free to be who we are.  Strange attractions […]

AstroWellbeing case study: Schizophrenia

A while back, a reader asked me a terrific question. My son has developed schizophrenia, probably drug induced. Was he born with this or what astrological configuration causes this? Dear reader, may I first humbly acknowledge the struggle both you and he are dealing with. When I examine your son’s chart, what pops out first is […]

Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 2017

Hey, is this thing on? If you were wondering if I had dropped off the face of the earth, I’m sorry about that. I have come a long way from being severely ill, but I still struggle sometimes to muster enough focus and traction to get everything done, especially when Mars acts up– whether the […]

The New Moon in Taurus and the Thyroid – April 2017

Just before the New Moon is when our growth and building (anabolic) processes are at a low ebb. The body tends to let go, detoxify, and clear out the old. Once the New Moon kicks in, a new growth cycle begins. The Taurus New Moon highlights the neck, throat, and thyroid gland. Taurus is the fixed […]

New Moon in Aries – March 2017

Late! Sorry folks, we have been rushing around like Alice’s tardy rabbit, trying to get it all done when there never seems to be enough time, enough time, enough time! I did manage a great birthday weekend in Glenwood Springs, one of my favorite Colorado towns. 45 years old, or as a dear one helpfully […]

Full Moon in Virgo: The road to health is paved with good intestines

AstroWellbeing outlook for March 12-26, 2017. The Full Moon this month appears in Virgo, as the Moon reflects the light of the Pisces Sun. Pisces and Virgo represent the interrelationship between the body and mind and their mutual influence on one another. Virgo is the material, and Pisces the non-physical aspect of wellbeing. Biologist Candace Pert […]