Times change πŸ“† and so do our tools

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Do you remember the old Celestial Influences calendars by Jim Maynard? They were the absolute best. I have the wall calendars going back to 1996, all the way through the last one in 2019.

Even though I have had my digital astrology calendar on my desktop and mobile since 2013, I still rely on a printed monthly calendar for a lot of my work, especially electional timing.

I used to mark up the dates on my Celestial Influences calendar, highlighting things like Moon VOC, New Moons, Full Moons, and important planetary alignments, so that I would never miss an important event. Jim Maynard’s calendar was always front and center on my desk– and by the end of the year, my calendar was always thrashed. Torn up from being carried around in my bag, coffee stained and wrinkled– signs of a well-used tool.

2020 was a devastating year in so many ways. It was also the year the author (by then in his 80s) began to phase out these wonderful calendars. He retired, then I heard he passed on. I hope he knew how much his work would be remembered and missed.

I tried out other calendars on the market, but it was always too much information, or too little. I couldn’t really USE them to get a clear picture of the skies.

Here’s how I got back on track

So I printed my digital calendar straight out of my software, and I started using that instead. Of course, I marked it up and made notes all over it just like I would do with my Maynard calendar.

february 2022 astrology calendar

And you know what, this may not be as pretty as the Maynard calendar was, but it works for me. A lot of my astrology practice is electional work, and my calendar highlights help me find my “landmarks” quickly and scope out the terrain.

Then I made a second copy that I marked up with MY personal notes and transits. And I used it to plan my teaching schedule for the next six months.

Free Gift 🎁

So I thought, why not share this and see if YOU find it useful?

If you don’t understand the astrological terms on the calendar, just remember this one thing: schedule your highest priority events when you see GREEN on the calendar.

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(The free 2022 preview has expired. )

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