Overcome astrological overwhelm and level-up your chart skills

In the process of learning about astrology, there comes a time when the sheer volume of information and detail in the birth chart can grow overwhelming and frustrating. Birth Chart Clarity helps you cut through the confusion and bring it all together on a whole new level.

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The learning curve for astrology usually goes something like this:

First you memorize the symbols. You learn the meanings of the planets and signs. 

You learn how to put the planets and signs together, then the houses, and the aspects. 

That’s where a lot of aspiring astrologers get stuck in the learning process. 

Does this sound like you?

You’re curious about astrology. You frequently look up placements in your birth chart, and you’ve realized that astrology is way more complex than most people think. You know how to analyze the chart and look up the details, but there are So Many Things, and you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Adding to the confusion– you’re finding interpretations that contradict each other.

Maybe you’ve even spent good money on astrology courses that left you feeling frustrated, out of your depth, or expected to work through a mountain of material all by yourself.  

How do you make sense of seemingly endless layers of information in the chart? Which planets do you look at? What’s most important in the chart? How do you pull it all together and make sense of what you’re reading?

You're a better astrologer than you think

You can do this! You just need someone to show you how to fit the pieces together and tell the story of the chart. 

Birth Chart Clarity gives you the skills you need to break through “analysis paralysis,” bring astrological charts to life, and take your chart reading skills to the next level.

Birth Chart Clarity includes two Masterclasses that I designed especially to help you clear these hurdles.

Part 1: Aspects Masterclass

This review will help you make sure you can identify what I call the “guts” of the birth chart quickly and efficiently. You'll get the underlying pattern and in-depth fundamentals of aspect interpretation. There are several examples and practice charts to get you up-to-speed and confident with aspects.

Part 2: Chart Synthesis Masterclass

Your studies up to now have given you the basic symbols and mechanics of the chart. This course takes it a step further. You'll get a step-by-step process to help you identify the most important features in the chart. You can then structure your readings around the most resonant themes in your client's life.

When you practice what you learn in Birth Chart Clarity, you’ll get “chart eyes.” You’ll have the fundamentals you need to move into advanced topics like psychological astrology, karmic astrology, medical astrology, and forecasting.

Peer and teacher support

Take advantage of the class Facebook group, buddy system, and individual mentoring.

Get helpful feedback

Turn in the worksheets and exams if you'd like some guidance on your journey.

Learn at your own pace

3-year access to the course material gives you time to return, review, and pick up new details.

Here's what's included in Birth Chart Clarity

  • 4.5 hours of video training
  • 45 minute personal mentoring meeting
  • Examples and exercises
  • Printable flashcards
  • Optional quizzes and assessment
  • Awesome downloads, worksheets, and bonuses
  • Learn at your own pace or with a buddy or group
  • Regular pricing only $247
  • (click “enroll now” to see the early bird sale price)

What students are saying

What a labor of love! Step by step. I always got confused about which planets to look at and what was most important. You make it clear – Thank you!!!
I have taken another course on planetary aspects. I got the very basics of the meaning of aspects, but was left trying to figure out how to identify these aspects in an actual chart. Your explanations really helped me get a better understanding.
Learning from Molly is like a coffee chat with a caring person who truly wants to lift others up into the healing world of astrological knowledge.

A bit about me: Sometime in the mid 1990s, I started buying every beginning astrology book I could get my hands on. I was obsessed with learning about my astrological chart. Month after month, every spare moment went to looking up planets in signs, aspects, trying to find answers about my life.

I did find them. And the answers were far more insightful than I had ever imagined. 

I was hooked. I studied my chart, my friends’ charts, (the guy I had a crush on)… 

After a while, I got into my first astrology class. What an eye opener! My first teacher (a Taurus) brought the planets to life for me! He made astrology practical, relatable, and useful. And that’s what I want to do for you. Enroll in Birth Chart Clarity today and let’s get started together!

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