New Course: Astro-Herbology

An herbalist's guide to choosing the right herb at the right time– without getting overwhelmed by the birth chart

It’s time to rock out with your charts out, herbalists! I created this workshop just for you. 

I have packed my presentations with insights about common herbs and simple tips to help you get better outcomes for your clients and loved ones.

power up your apothecary with astrology

Astrology doesn't have to be hard

Have you always wanted to learn how to use astrology in your practice, but you just don’t know where to start? You have run your birth chart, learned some of the symbols. But how do you put it all together?

I was just starting out in my astrology practice when the plant medicine bug bit me hard. In some of the herbals, I came across planet associations with many of the plants I studied. But it took me a while– like years– before I felt like I understood those relationships. I designed this class to short-cut you to answers that make sense, answers you can use in your practice, in your garden, and in your family.

Cosmic Plant Medicine: It's not magic, but it feels like it!

What happens when you combine the two ancient arts of astrology and herbalism? It feels like magic! But honestly, it’s more like remembering! Human beings have been working with the connection between the Lunar cycles, the planetary cycles, and the natural world for tens of thousands of years. And you can too!

You’ll learn:

  • The properties and benefits of each planet’s “family” of herbs
  • How astrological signs relate to symptoms
  • Simple chart tips to point you to the best remedies

Simplify your choices

Make individually customized formulas that work on "all the levels"

Get to the "heart of the matter"

Simple tips to get useful insights from the birth chart and find the fastest and most effective remedies

Add astrology to your toolbox

Add more personalization and value to your clients' sessions

When you sign up for Astro-Herbology, you'll get instant access to:

Printable Guides

You'll want to keep these printable "cheat sheets" for medical astrology in your office or kitchen apothecary!

Video Classes

Enjoy our video classes from home in your slippers with a warm cup of your favorite infusion.

(beta) Garden and Kitchen Companion 2022

How to use Lunar timing to grow the best herbs and make the most powerful medicine.


$ 87 Introductory pricing
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Made for herbalists
  • Planet-herb correspondences
  • Simple medical astrology "crash course"
  • Printable handouts and worksheets
  • Interesting examples
  • Great bonuses
  • Suitable for beginners!

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What my students are saying

Molly helped me figure out what astrology is, and what it isn't. With her straightforward approach, her friendliness and honesty.
What a labor of love! Step by step. I always got confused about which planets to look at and what was most important. You make it clear – Thank you!!!
Learning from Molly is like a coffee chat with a caring person who truly wants to lift others up into the healing world of astrological knowledge.
Susan, therapist
molly headshot

Molly Gauthier, CNTP - Astrologer and Holistic Nutrition Therapist

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the 1990s and discover astrology again. I remember being a new student, looking up my sign placements and aspects for the first time, finding all of these wonderful nuggets of truth and validation.

The best feeling is when the truth-nuggets start to come together and form a picture that reveals even deeper truths. The chart comes to life… and the light turns on.

I love that.

I help people who are excited about astrology take their knowledge and skills to the next level. I also practice medical astrology and nutrition therapy to help individuals identify and address deeper issues and meanings impacting their health.

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