An Astrology teacher’s manifesto…

There’s something big I have been working on for the past year, that I’ve been looking forward to telling you about today.

But first, a little of my backstory.

have a cup of tea
Cuppa tea?

In 2013, I bottomed out. In just a few years, my health had sharply declined… until I finally collapsed into a furious heap of anxiety and trauma, suffering from a debilitating chronic illness that had taken a sudden, dramatic turn for the worse. Once I figured out what the problem was in early 2014, it took a while to turn the ship around. That in-between period of time is when I began to devote myself to learning the science and biochemistry relevant to my illness and recovery. I loved science in high school and college. Here I was again, drawing on my high school chemistry classes in my 40s.

While I was recovering in Denver, CO, I threw my whole heart into my studies at Nutrition Therapy Institute. None of my classmates at NTI even knew I had a nearly 20-year career in astrology! I felt like I had to keep those two sides of myself in different compartments. 

It was from that place that I was consumed with the idea that, if I’m going to be a natural health practitioner, first I need to teach what I have learned about astrology.  Kind of bringing things “full circle,” tying it up with a bow.

And the Masterclass was born…

Then one day I was sitting at my desk, daydreaming. Before I knew it, I had outlined a 12-part curriculum in astrology. Complete with textbooks, software demos, assignments, and a certificate at the end. I was going to learn to create and edit videos. And then I would set it up online.

And I was going to complete all of that in six months!


I really did not know at that point that I had so much to teach… and that it would take much longer than six months. Despite that initial miscalculation, a core group of students signed up for the experiment. It was a go!! Here we are a year later… and I’m almost finished with 8 of the 12 parts of the original plan.

What a learning curve! I have gotten a lot more comfortable speaking on video since I started this project. I have figured out how to be a holistic health practitioner and an astrologer at the same time. And I have fallen back in love with teaching astrology!

I’ll soon open up the first 4 parts of the Masterclass to new students for the first time. If you love astrology, have some basics under your belt, and are ready to take your chart reading skills to the next level, this course is for you.

I’d like to tell you more about the course. Is it okay if I share it with you? If you would be interested in knowing more, please leave a comment here. If there’s enough interest, I’ll post an update with more details. (UPDATE)

Your friend in Astrology,

Molly Gauthier

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14 Responses

    1. Tracy – when you are ready, the medical astrology part will be right up your alley!

      (One of the video lessons goes into the nerdy details of astrology as they relate to nutritional biochemistry– woot!)

      1. Molly,

        If I did sign up, is this an “at your own pace” class? I could always come to it when I’m ready. You had me at nerdy details!

      2. Hi Tracy!! Yes, the gold is in the nerdy details in astrology! lol

        It is so crazy that your comment came in because look what I just finished working on! The course is on sale through Cyber Monday – and then I’m going to take it off the market for a while. I conceived and designed it as a go-at-your-own-pace course but I am planning to take a group through it in 2020, as well.

  1. Sounds familiar. Tell me more.
    It was my health crisis/awaking/ transformation that I finally got it.
    2002!Pluto/Saturn going thru 6th house. I thought I’d was dying or going to die. Until I found shamans, energy med. & alternative medicine.

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