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29 degrees of any sign is always interesting. It is the last degree of the sign. The planet has been in a sign for a while, working with those themes, connected with the other planets, and is pretty much done with the sign. The bags are packed, and we’re waiting to board the flight.

Some astrologers say the energy of the end of one sign is blended with the next sign. I don’t feel that’s correct. This full Moon is pure Aries: competitive, fast paced, easily bored, easily irritated (get plenty of exercise!). And there is some situation, project, thought process, relationship, or emotional residue that we have to deal with before we move on to Taurus. So we might see a loooooot of impatience, irritability and other things that come along with stuck energy. Physical symptoms would be headaches, arthritis, etc. Gentle exercise should help. Listen to your body and you’ll be fine.

We finish something old as a major planet passes through the ending degrees of one sign and we begin something new as the planet transits the early degrees of the new sign. This should strike a chord for you if you have a planet in your natal chart at 27, 28, 29 degrees that is getting “mooned.” These degrees are being lit up as Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune change signs in 2010 and 2011. So endings and new beginnings is one of the larger themes going on for you this year and next. There are a lot of endings and new beginnings happening, individually and collectively. Interesting times. If this is you, you can look for these themes and work on bringing balance between your independence, your needs, and what other people need from you or ask of you. Time to bring balance. There may be a place in your life that could be helped by your being more assertive. Or maybe you need to listen more to other people’s input.

Ending degrees are about creating space for something new. I see a lot of that going on too. So it’s a good month for clutterbugs to be cleaning out the garage, running some junk to the thrift store, etc. Simple acts but good ways to get energy moving.