Uranus square Pluto

There is only one whammy this month, but it’s a big one— Uranus square Pluto. (See June for a review.) With Uranus now retrograde, we begin to settle into and digest the issues that first came up in June. During this pass, they hit us on a more internal, personal level. The world around me has shifted. Now how must I shift? The energy is strongest in the weeks leading up to September 19, when it is exact.

The Moon’s North Node enters Scorpio

The Nodes take about 18 years to circle the 12 Zodiac signs. They change signs roughly every 18 months. This month, the North Node crosses over the border from Sagittarius into Scorpio. The South Node, directly opposite the North, moves from Gemini to Taurus.

The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is an intellectual realm. Our karmic lessons and issues have been about communication and understanding. As the Nodes enter Scorpio and Taurus for the next 18 months, our karmic lessons are about money, wealth and indebtedness, control, power, resources and how we share them with others.

The North Node represents our growth, the South our pruning. Scorpio North Node favors cooperative efforts for mutual benefit. Some situations and responsibilities feel like karmic payback. These karmic entanglements can be intense, but they give us an opportunity to work through big personal issues. On the upside, working with it in a conscious way has the power to transform and heal our lives. On the downside, it brings up all kinds of unpleasant feelings. Jealousy, loss of control, and vulnerability. Scorpio is intense. Scorpio brings us to our highest highs and our lowest lows. Scorpio shows us what we’re made of.

The Taurus South Node calls on us to lighten our load, leave our comfort zones and release stubborn attachment to doing it “my way” (often the hard way). We may start to notice places where we are feeling “stuck.” As an exercise, clear a corner or fill a box with stuff you no longer need. Get it out of your space, and notice how that frees up energy and gets new ideas flowing. During the year and a half that the South Node is in Taurus, we can and should take out the garbage, donate, recycle, and compost our “stuff” on all levels. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

A touch of confusion around the 1st gives way to the best days of the month for complex plans and medical procedures, as Mercury in its home sign, detail- oriented Virgo makes good aspects to other planets in the sky, September 2-4.

September 18-20, Mercury opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. Keep a listening ear open despite a restless and frenetic pace. Folks are distracted by their own stuff, and it’s hard to get everyone together on the same page.

September 27-29, slooow doooown. As the Moon waxes to full in impatient Aries and squares off with explosive Uranus and intense Pluto, emotions reach a crescendo. Caution on the roads and other potentially dangerous areas is warranted here— safety first for you and your loved ones.

Mark your calendar

The best days for your top priority plans are September 1-5, 12.
Take it easy September 6-8, 15-20, 27-29.