Astrologers watch the movement of planets through the heavens, which form and release connections with each other in a mysterious cosmic dance. We can’t change the energy, but we can become aware of it and dance with the beat rather than against it. By drawing on this ancient wisdom based on millennia of observation, we can create something like a weather forecast of times to come. Astrological awareness is not a scary prediction of good or bad events to come. It is simply another piece of information you can use to make sense of things. So let’s get started.

Clash of the Titans

This month’s big event, Saturn opposite Uranus, combines limitation, restriction, traditions, and rules (Saturn) with freedom urges, invention, and rebellion (Uranus). It’s such a big deal, and such a long process, that I posted my thoughts on it in a new article. I will be sure to remind you of it as this opposition reappears. There will be 5 exact passes between now and Summer 2010.

Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde started in late September and continues through October 15. It’s a good time to review notes and projects from the past, but it’s also a time when errors, snafus, unusual weather, or interruptions in your plans are more likely to crop up and cause problems. Double-check everything. Leave some extra room in your schedule. Add contingency clauses where appropriate to any contracts you sign.

October 1-6

Muppet eagle president

October 1 is a good day for joining forces with others and using diplomacy as Mars in Libra aligns in harmony with powerful Pluto. We couldn’t ask for a better lineup as Congress works out how best to come together and support the economy. Does this mean the bailout plan will work? I doubt it. The USA is maxed out in debt, and I think all that this does is buy us some time. This may get us through the first part of Saturn opposite Uranus, but will it get us through the end? When Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all square Venus (relationships and money) in the chart of the USA in 2010? I dunno, friends…. sorry to say, it looks ugly.

Friday and Saturday are good for all work and play plans, as Venus forms a sextile to optimistic Jupiter in Capricorn. Both of these planets are weak in their signs. So don’t expect a hallelujah chorus here. But it is a good time to join forces with others, balance the checkbook, and get some good work done.

Sunday and Monday, sweet Venus forms a kiss to Saturn, planet of tradition and stability. This combination offers sobriety, loyalty, and a sense of what you have to do. Focus on being a good partner rather than having a good partner. But don’t overdo it. The Sun and Mercury in Libra will square Jupiter in Capricorn as well. This is a moody sign combo, Libra and Capricorn. Jupiter under stress exaggerates both good news and bad news, making it seem much better or worse than it is. Jupiter messes with our sense of proportion, bringing the tendency to expect too much of others, overcommit ourselves, or promise more than we can or really want to deliver.

October 7-11

Mars just moved from wavering, polite, kill-em-with-kindness Libra, into powerful, ruthless Scorpio. Watch as the presidential race shifts gears. I think the kid gloves are starting to come off, right about now.

The waxing Moon is a time of gathering. Gathering information, supplies and materials for a project, gathering your energies, building your plans and ideas, getting ready for a period of release and fruition that comes with next week’s full Moon.

Tuesday is an active, hardworking day with the Capricorn Moon making lots of good aspects with other planets, before going Void of Course at 3:37 p.m. Eastern. Be mindful of this long v/c period, which lasts until noon on Wednesday. On Thursday, Venus, our affections, lines up in harmony with exciting Uranus, opening up doors of creativity and opportunity. Experiment, and be open to change and new ways of doing things.

On Thursday and Friday, our imaginations may run a little wild as Venus squares idealistic Neptune. This dreamy combo is the signature of artists and sensitives, but also of the unrealistic and unreliable. It can be hard to see things as they really are under Venus-Neptune’s rose colored goggles. This is not a good time to get into any kind of permanent entanglement. Probably not a great time for a first date either.

October 12-18

There’s a full Moon in Aries on Tuesday. The full Moon resets the emotional tumblers and gives expression to those things we have been gathering for the past 2 weeks. But this full Moon trines Neptune, planet of artists, mystics, empaths and creatives. So it’s a little gentler, although the tendency for less grounded folks to be more dialed-out than usual still exists. Don’t be like a bad Aries, impatient, self-conscious, and tunnel-visioned. Be a good Aries— courageous and self aware. Even if you’re another sign. We all have all 12 signs (some lit up by planets; some not). Now’s the time to channel your good Aries.

Another big energy booster this week— the end of Mercury retrograde. As Mercury starts moving again, there’s a sense of relief from the tensions of the past three weeks. Things start to come unstuck, and our minds and machines are less scrambled up then they have been. We are still likely to see Mercury retrograde events and snafus, a phenomenon I have heard called the Mercury rx “afterbirth”. But the flow of things is typically vastly better as Mercury stations and resumes moving forward. Just remember to take things one at a time— don’t try to eat the whole pizza in one sitting.

October 19-25

Venus, our relationships, values, and finances, just moved from intensely emotional and guarded Scorpio, to freewheeling, freedom-loving Sagittarius. Can you feel the difference? Doesn’t it make you feel like having a having a nice gallop outside of your pasture, unsaddled, unbridled? Mmmm. Venus in Sagittarius brings optimism and humor where we had been intense and moody, and brings scatteredness where we were most intensely focused.

Monday and Tuesday, the Sun sextiles Pluto, increasing the odds of positive encounters and problem solving. Thursday and Friday, however, Mars sesquisquares Pluto—a “disturbance in the force.” Use a light touch and don’t try to force it. If it isn’t your problem, don’t get involved. Otherwise, it might become your problem!

Saturday and Sunday, Mercury repeats the square to Jupiter, and again, we may feel like our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Or maybe we’re still dealing with something that came our way around the 5th or 6th of October. In that case, you may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a low energy time, the end of the waning Moon, also called the Balsamic phase. It’s a time of letting go and detox, when we’re putting the finishing touches on the old cycle, taking out the garbage, and preparing for the new cycle, that begins with the new Moon next Tuesday.

October 26-31

We’re almost at the end of election season, just two weeks to go! Things may start to get more ugly with the new Moon in Scorpio.

This entire week, however, is filled with kisses from a very powerful Mars in Scorpio. Somebody’s making progress and delivering some effective blows. Mars sextiles Jupiter and Saturn and trines Uranus—an opportunity to take advantage of unstable conditions to advance your goals. Kisses like these tend to bring favorable changes. And Halloween just looks like so much fun with Mars trine inventive Uranus. I hope you have plans.

Mark your calendar!

The best days for your high priority plans are October 1, 4, 5-7, 9, 13, 20, 21, 27, 29-31.

Take it easy on October 10, 24, 25.

1 Ebertin, Reinhold. Combination of Stellar Influences.