u2 October

and the trees are stripped bare of all they wear.
Do I care?
and kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, but you go on and on.

The Sun moves through my 12th house every October, so it’s no wonder that a pensive little song like this one by U2 is on repeat in the CD player in my head today.

October 1-9

The big picture: It’s electrifying, it’s surprising, it’s unstable. It may feel like Mercury Retrograde is coming on really early, but it isn’t. It’s Uranus, planet of sudden changes and new ideas. The Jupiter square Uranus siren song starts to sound around the beginning of the month, and builds to a crescendo on October 9. This wakes up that jumpy energy that brings tensions in our lives to the surface in an abrupt and often unexpected way. This “wakes us up” to what’s really going on around us. It’s a “yee-haw” aspect, freewheeling and fun, but also reckless. Gamblers, speculators, daredevils, big spenders, and teenagers may make wrong decisions out of carelessness or restlessness. Be careful. Moods and markets will probably be pretty volatile, and Uranus energy tends to blow hot and cold, up and down. Especially if you have planets around the middle degrees of the mutable signs— Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

The first three days of October, Monday through early Wednesday, are about transcending limitations. Venus lines up in a trine with Pluto, an easy aspect that clears the way for the passionate, idealistic nature of these two signs to shine fully without obstructions or blockages. There are times you have to work hard for it, and other times when it comes easily. Trines mark those easy times. Stephen Arroyo writes that “affection and tastes are colored by the urge to penetrate to the core of experience1“ during Venus-Pluto interchanges. The two signs involved, Leo and Sagittarius, are both passionate and creative signs, willing to take a risk. This is especially potent if planets in your chart are in late degrees of fire or air signs.

The Moon is Void of Course all day on Thursday the 4th. It’s best to keep it low key when the Moon is v/c.

Over the weekend, Mars in Cancer meets up with Saturn in Virgo. It’s a good time to get organized (Virgo) and put your energy into getting things done (Mars & Saturn) at home— or at your mother’s house (Cancer). As Venus travels the final degrees of Leo and moves into Virgo, we’re finishing up something and getting ready to shift gears from a creative and idealistic (Leo) phase, to dealing with more practical and procedural concerns (Virgo).

October 10-21

Things are always pretty quiet in the few days before the New Moon. Somehow we just know it’s time to slow down and get ready for a new cycle to begin with the new Moon. This new Moon is in Libra, symbolic of balance, give and take. It trines Neptune, planet of imagination, intuition, mystery, spirituality.

Here’s a nice writeup: Isthmus Nekoi on the New Moon

Mercury retrograde begins Thursday night. When Mercury is retrograde, our activities are more subject to scheduling problems, delays, and glitches. And we’re all dealing with this choppy condition, but that doesn’t mean you should hide under a rock. On the contrary, Mercury makes some pretty nice aspects to other planets on the week of the 15th.

But Friday and Saturday are not good date nights. Love (Venus) pairs with cold hard reality and work (Saturn) in Virgo. Saturn in Virgo is hardworking and pays meticulous attention to detail. This colors our affections (Venus) this weekend, making some folks more nitpicky and pessimistic than charming and fun to be around. If you have to work a Saturday this month, this is the best one.

Sunday through Tuesday, Venus sextiles Mars, and Mercury sextiles Venus. These are good days for teaming up with others. It’s a great Sunday to get things done around the house with Venus lining up in harmony with Mars in Cancer, the homebody sign. Venus in Virgo is more helpful than romantic. Win your beloved’s heart by making yourself useful, helping out, taking care of something small but important— do the dishes, laundry, wash the car, wash the dog. It’s the Venus in Virgo equivalent to a bouquet of roses.

Although our plans are still subject to Mercury retrograde’s whims, there are some great opportunities this week, especially for those engaged in research or other Scorpio-ruled pursuits. Mercury in Scorpio isn’t content with the surface level information— it wants the secrets and reasons behind the reasons. With Mercury retrograde, it’s a good time to dig into the past, review and reorganize your files, look to the past for answers. Wednesday and Thursday can be especially productive as Mercury sextiles practical Saturn and the Sun sextiles transformational Pluto. You might find that missing piece you needed. But it takes some elbow grease— it always does with Saturn. Stay on task.

The weekend looks pretty laid back. The Moon in community-oriented Aquarius favors gatherings, and the Moon in an air sign usually signals drier weather too. Green lights for barbecues.

October 22-31


There’s another Jupiter transit that colors the “big picture” during the last couple of weeks of October— Jupiter sextile Neptune. Stephen Arroyo characterizes this connection as “a pervasive need to experience oneness with something larger than one’s own individual self and petty personal concerns.1“ This interplanetary kiss favors communities, travel and exploration, pretending, fantasies, creativity. You can channel it toward work or play. Legendary Pisces Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” and that’s never more true than when Jupiter lines up in a kiss with Neptune. These days were made for dreamers.

Tuesday the 23rd, the Sun moves into Scorpio, and Mercury backs into Libra. They switch places. I don’t know what it means, or if it’s significant at all. But it’s interesting. (If you have an idea about it, leave me a note in the comments.) What is significant is that Venus and Mercury are now in mutual reception. That means they’re in each other’s signs— Venus in Mercury-ruled Virgo, and Mercury in Venus-ruled Libra. This strengthens both planets, especially Venus, who is not comfortable in Virgo. But having some influence over Virgo’s ruler helps out a lot. They relate well and help each other out. This mutual reception should give a nice boost to any plans and activities you have going, and it should help smooth out some difficult relationship issues as well. It lasts through the first week of November.

Wednesday and Thursday (the 23-24th), Venus opposes Uranus. We are looking to shake things up in our relationships. The energy is buzzy. Give your beloved all the space she asks for. Problems arise from holding on too tightly or taking things personally.

A Full Moon in Taurus on Thursday night focuses our attention and energy on our worldly needs, our health, our money, our connection with nature and the material plane. And that thin thread that binds our spirit and consciousness with this physical vessel.

The weekend of the 27-28th, Venus squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. Venus represents what my Granny called “pretties.” Jupiter is abundance— wonderful! But the downside of Jupiter is overindulgence. Our sense of proportion is off track, and our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Assumptions about others can get in the way of the connections that you want and need. And money sprouts wings and flies out of our accounts. It’s not a good time for “retail therapy.” Keep everything in moderation, and chances are good that you’ll have a nice weekend.

The 29-31st, the big picture looks clear and good for your plans. With Mercury retrograde ending on November 1, things are starting to come together, ready to rock and roll next week. But Mars retrograde is coming, and we start to feel it early on in the form of physical fatigue and plans and projects developing more slowly than before. Read up on Mars retrograde so you’ll know what’s coming.

Mark your calendar!

The best days in October for your high priority plans are the 1-3, 12, 16-18, 20-21, 25-29.
Take it easy on October 6-9.

1 Arroyo, Stephen. Chart Interpretation Handbook. CRC Publications, 1989.