Plan to Succeed

The more ambitious, organized, and clear about your goals you are, the more you can take advantage of the opportunities that are available in November, especially around the end of the month. Projects that are in the planning and research stages, and well planned actions being executed now, especially those that you have an emotional or family connection to, have growth potential and staying power into the future.

The time is right to invest in our communities. A simple thing you can do is shop smart. Our dollars have power. Cheaper isn’t always better, especially when you look upstream at where your money is going. An alternative choice may look more expensive on the surface, but if it supports your long term goals, that benefit is worth taking into account.

Day by Day

With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, we think and speak from a more emotional place, whether we know it or not, with more sarcasm, skepticism, cunning and craft. November 1-10, decisions and schedules are still subject to change. In a difficult situation, give yourself time to ruminate before signing on the dotted line or hitting “send” on the e-mail. With major decisions and purchases, there are often loose ends that must be dealt with after the sale is done. Repairs to a car or house, for example. Write these contingencies into the contract.

A Solar Eclipse on November 3 begins a new six-month cycle. Mental clarity is especially important moving forward. If you have a clear plan for your future, you are in a good place to make solid progress toward your goals in the coming six months.

November 5-8, relationships enter a more heavy and serious phase. But it is easier to talk out the difficult issues. Bring goodies to the meeting – when it comes to finding agreement, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Professional and social connections go smoothly. Collaboration leads to ideas that have legs, now through November 28.

Around the end of Mercury retrograde on November 10, we are especially tuned in to imagination and inspiration from Spirit and from the collective unconscious. It’s a great time for a brainstorm, art and photography, journaling and problem solving. Pay attention to dreams, which may carry valuable messages from your unconscious.

Emotional relationships reach a “do or die” point around November 13-15. If we play our cards right, the Full Moon on November 17 will catalyze a chain reaction of healing and practical solutions. Let’s find some basics we can agree on, and move forward from there.

November 18-20, the smoke clears and you have a better understanding of the situation. November 21-23, join forces with others to get organized and cross important tasks off of your to-do list. After a sleepy November 24, clarity returns and lasts through the holiday weekend. November 25-27, our minds are more focused and open to other points of view. Within the family, sometimes it takes effort to focus on our common ground rather than our differences. But it is easier to mend fences this Thanksgiving. Gratitude is one of the most positive and healthy emotions. The astrology of this holiday supports our focusing on what we have going for us, rather than what we lack. Happy Thanksgiving!

Astro-Nerd Note: Volatility Thursdays

Pay attention to the first day the Moon is in a cardinal sign – Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn. There will be tense moods when the fast-moving Moon, the emotional barometer, forms hard aspects to the slow-moving Uranus Pluto square. Every Thursday it passes into cardinal signs, “stirring the pot” of the powerful and life-altering Volatility Vortex.

November 7, 13, 20, 28. <— NOTE: these are listed incorrectly in my 2013 calendar.

Mark your calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are November 1, 2, 7, 8, 11, 17-20, 23, 26, 27.
Take it easy November 5, 14, 15, 24, 25.

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