Mercury retrograde November 6-26

Mercury retrograde begins on Election Day. Expect delays, issues with the voting machines, scheduling issues, traffic, weather, and mechanical problems, and you are less likely to be surprised or caught off guard. Mercury retrograde begins in philosophical Sagittarius, the sign of travel and education, and moves back into deep, intuitive Scorpio on the 13th, a sign well suited to research and investigation. Our thoughts tend to be darker; our thought process more inclined to ask why and look for deeper meanings.

Saturn-Pluto mutual reception

Saturn is now in mutual reception with Pluto. Pluto is in Saturn’s sign, Capricorn, and Scorpio is Pluto’s sign. This condition persists until Saturn leaves Scorpio in late 2014. It strengthens both planets and gives them a special common ground that they usually don’t have. You can achieve incredible growth and success during this time, in whatever you put your time and energy into. Now, at the very beginning of it, is a great time to think about what you would like to accomplish in the next two years. In your personal life, in your career, what would bring you a sense of fulfillment? Is what you’re doing now getting you there?

Saturn trine Chiron, inconjunct Uranus


Saturn in Scorpio wants control, and Uranus in Aries rebels against constraints. While there is a lot of power in this alignment, there is pressure building, as the establishment struggles to maintain things the way they want them, and the other side rebels against those limiting structures.

Saturn trine Chiron shows us the potential to work with our kinesthetic sense, tuning in to the mind-body connection, and listening to the wisdom of the physical body for guidance. We create positive energy by giving of ourselves. Gifts of the spirit— compassion, attention, a listening heart.

Mars enters Capricorn

A productive vibe. Mars moves into the sign of its exaltation, Capricorn on November 16. Capricorn is comfortable territory for Mars, adding practical focus and discipline to his raw physical energy, making it easier to plan execute projects.

Thanksgiving holiday weekend

The provocative, accident prone, I-dare-you vibe of Mars square Uranus in Aries around the 21-22nd gives way to a more constructive frame of mind by the time Mars sextiles Chiron on Friday the 23rd.

Solutions appear at the end of the month as Mars sextiles constructive Saturn and then carries the good energy into a conjunction with Pluto, exact on the 27th. This transit of Mars wakes up the energy of Saturn sextile Pluto, exact in December. A window of opportunity to get your business and finances ready for the future.

Mark your Calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are November 1, 2, 7, 8, 11, 17-20, 23, 26, 27.
Take it easy November 5, 14-15, 24, 25.

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