Monthly astrological forecast for all signs.

Most of us are familiar with Mercury retrograde, that little bugbear that hits three times a year. Most of us will be glad to see it end on November 1. But we aren’t entirely out of the woods. Another retrograde begins in November, one that appears only once in two years— Mars retrograde.

Mars retrograde doesn’t officially begin until November 15. But you may feel it coming on early, because Mars is already stationary— in fact from November 1 to November 30, Mars will cover less than 2 degrees of celestial longitude. (He normally covers that distance in one day.) If you have a planet in your chart between 10 and 12 degrees of cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, Libra), then this is especially stressful. Take it easy, and be careful what fuses you light. Mars in Cancer is touchy, sensitive, and defensive. Choose your battles very carefully, and don’t make reckless or impulsive choices. The aggressor tends to lose the battle during Mars retrograde.

You may feel things slowing down already, whether or not your chart is affected. Burdens feel heavier during Mars retrograde. Tempers are shorter, and folks have less energy and patience than usual. This loss of vitality is especially difficult for people with a very strong outward drive and ambition.

Mars by nature moves forward and takes action. This is why Mars retrograde, when he appears not only to slow down and stop, but to move backwards, is so stressful. Be careful when Mars is weaker and his energy is bottled up and frustrated like this. Accidents, explosions, and injuries are more likely. Folks who are normally more outwardly aggressive have a harder time directing their energies, and those who are usually more reserved are now more likely to act out.

Mars retrograde is tremendously powerful, and that power can be put to good use. It is very well suited for gathering your strength and reinforcing some part of your life, bringing more stability.

Everyone will have less energy to work with until the retrograde ends in late January. Keep this in mind when you find yourself impatiently wanting to hurry things up. Anything new that is postponed until February or later is probably for the best.

Slow down and resist gambling on first time deals, as the odds are poor that you will succeed or be satisfied in the long run. Keep your guns holstered and wait for Mars to resume direct motion.

November 1-8

It’s the last quarter of the Lunar cycle, the time when we finish up what we started on the New Moon and clear the decks for a new beginning.

With Mars retrograde, we can still get things done, but we have to step a little more carefully. Some days are better for taking action than others. Friday and Saturday are good for activities requiring lots of energy, as the Sun trines Mars, giving us all a nice boost.

Sunday and Monday, Venus squares Pluto. This isn’t the time to rush a financial decision or force the issue in a relationship. Someone with a hidden agenda may try to talk you into something you don’t really want. The truth comes out on Tuesday and Wednesday morning as the Sun trines Uranus. A better offer or solution may appear by Thursday afternoon as Mercury trines Pluto and the light side of Pluto— solutions and healing— is more easily accessible. Venus also moves from Virgo, an uncomfortable placement, into Libra, a sign where she’s at home and can express herself more fully.

November 9-16

You may feel a shift on Friday evening as the New Moon reshuffles the emotional deck and kicks off a two-week period of time when the Moon increases in light. This New Moon is in Scorpio, sign of investments— material and emotional. But the beginning of this Lunar cycle is shrouded in Neptunian fog. You may feel the square between the Sun and Neptune in play by Friday evening, and it remains in force through Sunday evening. Caution lights are on, especially around alcohol, drugs and water— Neptune is the mythological god of the sea. Use the high side of Neptune— awareness and respect for the unseen aspects of life, which are in many ways as important as those that you can see. But don’t believe everything you hear.

The fog lifts by Monday, and we’re ready to get to work. Mars retrograde starts on Thursday, and energy levels are already sagging. But we can still get a lot done. Skies are pretty clear, with nothing major standing in your way, and a nice sextile from Mercury to Saturn, exact on Friday evening, to help you make important decisions and get high priority tasks checked off your to-do list.

November 17-22


Saturday evening, there’s a minor stand-off between the logical Aquarius Moon and the emotional Scorpio Sun. Other than that, there’s not much else to stand in your way. But there’s an interesting couple of days just ahead. Sunday and Monday, Venus squares Mars, signaling challenge and tension. At the same time, Mercury trines Mars, signaling agreement and harmony. Venus square Mars is a marker of impatience and hostility, arguments and conflict. Venus in Libra concerns herself with decorum, fairness and justice. But we’ll get a lot more accomplished by listening (Mercury) and keeping the lines of communication open, than by fighting over what’s fair or over some perceived lack of decorum. Listen to what is being said, not how it is being said. Don’t get caught up in the drama triangle.

Hopefully you have bigger fish to fry, because Mercury in Scorpio forms a grand trine with Mars and Uranus between Monday and Wednesday. Mercury is information— in Scorpio, information that has the power to transform a situation, secrets. Listen to what others are saying this week. Uranus is the inventor. There’s a touch of genius on the airwaves between Monday and Wednesday. Try something different this Thanksgiving.

Thursday— Thanksgiving Day— the Taurus Moon trines practical Saturn in the evening hours. The Sun enters adventurous Sagittarius around noon, and there isn’t much else to stand in your way. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. A whole day devoted to feeling gratitude and giving thanks. Such positive energy.

November 23-30

Friday and Saturday, be careful on the road. Mercury, planet of communication and transportation, tangles with space-cadet Neptune, increasing the chances of errors, misunderstandings, lost directions, and deceptive people and situations. The Full Moon in Gemini adds to our tendency to be irrational and idealistic. Play it safe, and keep your plans simple.

Uranus changing direction on Saturday morning will probably not make much difference to you, unless Uranus is transiting a planet in your natal chart, symbolic of a connection to some situation that’s happening in your life right now. If that’s the case, you will begin to outwardly manifest the internal changes that have been happening over the past weeks or months.

Saturday evening and Sunday, Venus trines Neptune. This pairs the force of love and beauty with compassion, creativity, and inspiration. It’s a great time for a party or get-together, for artistic and creative endeavors, or for romance and spiritual activities.

The rest of the week has a serious tone, as the Sun moves toward a square with Saturn, exact on Friday afternoon. Thursday and Friday have an extra grouchy mood that issues from this square. These are not good days to deal with the boss or the government, or to try to get your point across. Keep your nose to the grindstone, and wait for a better mood to come through early next week.

Mark your calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are November 2, 7-9, 12, 16, 21-22, 25, 28.

Keep it simple on November 10-11, 19, 24, 29-30.

Molly Cliborne