By early May, Jupiter has moved out of the Volatility Vortex (detailed in my 2014 calendar) and into a gentler dance with two other planets– Saturn and Chiron. Saturn deals with business, structures, contracts, rules, boundaries, and trust. Chiron deals with illness and healing, the mind-body connection, traumatic experiences and their resolution.

Luck favors the hardworking this month, especially if your business deals with Cancerian concerns like food, real estate, housewares, women, families, and babies. The big political issues this Spring concern women and families, public health, social services, and clean food and water.

On a personal level, it is a good time to let our nesting instincts have some play. Emotional healing happens more easily and frees up energy for joyful and productive pursuits.

The social vibe perks up as Venus leaves easygoing Pisces and moves into feisty Aries on May 2. This puts Venus into a condition called “mutual reception” with Mars– a charismatic, sexy, and provocative vibe whose downside is a tendency for impulsiveness with love and finances. We think faster and solve complex problems more easily after Mercury leaves slow, deliberate Taurus and moves into versatile Gemini, his home sign, on May 7.

Does your computer need a software update? Does your car need maintenance? May offers us a good opportunity to tackle those tasks. It will be more complicated during Mercury retrograde next month.

Day by Day

May 3-6, an open road. The Taurus Sun contacts optimistic Jupiter, transformative Pluto, and healing Chiron, bringing a can-do attitude to our efforts to sort out the deepest and thorniest challenges, both personal and professional. Ask for the help you need, and reach out a hand to others.

May 9-10, with two big planetary oppositions in the heavens, we meet with people whose attitudes reflect our own deeper feelings back to us. We tend to encounter difficulty with men and authority figures, coldness, depression, insecurity and fear. Creativity is bubbling, but many folks are out of gas, and tempers are running high. Be cautious with major purchases and contracts, as the facts may not all be on the table. The energy lightens in time for a pleasant Mother’s Day.

May 11-17, Mercury moves through a celestial sweet spot while Venus enters the Volatility Vortex. It’s a great week to brainstorm and get things done. When it comes to relationships, however, there’s trouble in paradise. Dramatic hookups and breakups are likely, and the rumor mills are churning out some juicy gossip. If you tune out the noise, you can pick up valuable nuggets of information.

Happy birthday, Buddha! The Full Moon on May 14 highlights the powerful, passionate, and sometimes obsessive energy of the sign Scorpio– sign of life and death. Scorpio energy tends to expose our emotional triggers. It’s time for a check-in with the difficult process of cleaning the emotional septic tank that started with Saturn’s entry into Scorpio in October 2012.

Vitality returns. It takes some time for Mars to get back up to speed after the retrograde period ends on May 19, but there is often a palpable whooooosh of energy and activity when he changes direction, like a slingshot when you release the projectile. With a fortunate pairing of the business planets, Jupiter and Saturn, the week of May 19 is one of the best of the year for important purchases and events. Load your calendar with meetings and projects.

Memorial Day weekend travel plans should go fine, but Venus’ transit to the South Node in Aries complicates relationships where give and take are out of balance. Unfinished business with friends and lovers comes up. Overindulgence can be an issue.

Two planets change signs at the end of May, slowing the energy and shifting our attention to a more earthy and empathic place. If you have a way with words, you can use it to your advantage this week. The New Moon on May 28 carries a Gemini vibe– intelligent, talkative, and busy. But the New Moon connects with Neptune, whose otherworldly energy is neither logical nor rational. Sensitivity is high, the psychic airwaves are jammed with information, and we are easily confused and overwhelmed. Don’t let fear rush you into a decision when you don’t have all the facts. By May 30, the air is clear, and we can tackle the big jobs again.

Mark your calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are May 3, 5, 6, 11-13, 15, 19-24, 26, 30.

Take it easy May 1, 2, 9, 10, 14, 16, 17, 28.

by Molly C. Gauthier
2014 Astrological Calendar