Jupiter conj. Neptune (Chiron) and the Swine Flu

What does astrology have to say about the Swine Flu pandemic? Astrology says it’s big. Jupiter— “lots of” conjoins Neptune— “infection.” Chiron is in the mix too— dealing with wounding, healing, pain, and service to others. But this doesn’t speak to the strength of the virus, necessarily. Neptune also represents fear and panic. With this lineup in Aquarius, we have to look at things objectively. As of May 1, the flu virus reportedly has mutated to a weaker strain. Less of a killer flu, more of an ordinary flu. I’m not saying we shouldn’t take precautions. I am preparing some herbal flu medicine, and I will post the recipe on my blog in the next few days, in case you want to have some on-hand, too. Be ready, that’s a good thing. But understand, we are dealing with two viruses here— a flu virus and a fear virus. So don’t freak out— it only makes a bad situation worse. We are going to deal with the reality of this, and we are going to get through it.

On the plus side, the Jupiter Neptune combo is highly creative, highly spiritual, very intuitive. This is a time when many folks will start a new spiritual journey or form new groups centered around art, creativity, spirituality, or healing. In Aquarius which is very forward looking but also “back to basics” in many ways— much of the New Age movement, a very Aquarian Age idea, recycles ideas and traditions from the past in our modern context. Taking the best of the past and weaving those strands into a path to the future.

Chiron is also involved in this amazing Aquarius stellium. But he’s a relative newcomer to the planetary scene, one we are less familiar with. So I am not completely sure what to make of it. Chiron has a link to the pain of emotional and physical health issues and the overcoming of it. In the mythology, Chiron was a doctor who overcame the pain of his own incurable wounds through his service to others. Chiron helps you overcome by giving to others that thing you needed but didn’t get. By breaking the cycle and being the change you want to see. Chiron’s position in your birth chart tells your story. And this stellium in the sky right now gives us all a shot at planting a seed for our future healing, starting on a new path to wholeness. It’s a good year to link up with a community. It doesn’t have to be a healy-feely woo-woo thing. I understand that not everyone is bent that way. A humanitarian organization is just as good.

Mars in Aries

Mars is in Aries all month. Mars is the planet of speed, fast, initiative, action, fighting and competition. Aries is the sign of speed, fast, initiative, fighting and competition. Fast, fast, fast— things are speeding right along.

May 1-9

The Moon is waxing to Full— the monthly inhale. Time to build strength and reserves and prepare for a rush of emotional energy and effort as the Moon begins to wane— the monthly exhale. If you exercise, you know you get ready on the inhale and make your most strenuous efforts on the exhale. The Lunar cycle is kind of like that.

May 1-2 Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. Here we have a Venus who is weak in Aries and feeling sharply her own vulnerability. So be careful in relationships. Especially fresh ones, or troubled ones. Keep things in proportion. Venus retrograde is over, but Venus is still in Aries, a competitive sign that looks out for Number One. Do let this clue you in to what you need and aren’t getting out of your relationship. Do let this be a catalyst your self awareness. But don’t let Aries tunnel vision have you overlooking the other side of things or behaving in a selfish or controlling way.

May 3-4, the Sun in Taurus trines Saturn in Virgo. It’s a good strategy to get your most important mechanical and technological things done before Mercury retrograde begins. And these are good days to do it. Take the car in for maintenance, talk to the boss, get your ideas down on paper, hold a meeting. This energy is conservative and practical, making this a good time to plan your budget or go shopping.

Mercury has been more or less stationary all week at the beginning of Gemini. This is very good news for folks who have planets at 00 or 01 degrees of Aquarius, Libra, Aries, Leo. Difficult for planets at 00 or 01 Pisces and Virgo. Sag and Gemini? Depends on the planet. At any rate, there’s a lot of information going around, and it may be very enlightening, or it may be information overload. Or both. Whether it’s a difficult or an easy configuration, it’s how you engage with it that counts. If you let it set off a fear or worry pattern in your mind, it probably won’t go well. As I have written and said many times in recent months, with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces right now, there is a lot of worry and fear in the “ethers.” So what we really need to focus on is managing our health— physical and mental. It’s up to you to break it down into chunks you can understand and deal with. Especially if you have a lot of planets in mutable signs in your chart.

Mercury retrograde officially begins in the wee hours of Thursday, May 7.

May 9-16

May 9 Full Moon in Scorpio. It’s around this time, the full Moon in May, that Buddhists celebrate the birth of the Buddha. (Any Buddhist readers, feel free to correct me or expand on this.) And the Scorpio full Moon is a good time to check in with the Buddha within, your calm center. Because Scorpio is a sign that tunes us in to the deep well of emotions inside. Scorpio governs the things that tend to make us the most crazy— death, sexuality, jealousy, our own vulnerability and mortality. So take a moment on this Buddhist holy day and check in with yourself before going out into the world.

Mother’s Day on May 10 looks clear and good for your plans with Moms and kiddos. Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. You have my thanks for doing the toughest and most important job in the world. And my favorite one of all— Love you, Mom.

May 13, Mercury moves from rapid-fire Gemini to slow, methodical Taurus. Fire to earth— the “brainstorming” stage to the “let’s figure out how to get this done” stage.

May 15-16, the Sun in Taurus squares Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. Jupiter is abundance and optimism, and Jupiter squares are the idea of “too much” or “bovine excrement.” Neptune is fantasy. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. But at the same time, the Sun sextiles Uranus in Pisces— and here’s the idea of creative or artistic inspiration mixed with a practical outlook. There is money to be made and plans to be laid. But don’t cut corners. Do it right.

May 16 Saturn ends his retrograde and turns direct. You probably won’t notice, unless you have a planet around 15 degrees of earth, water or mutable signs. In that case, a shift in your situation, from internal to external, from processing and thinking about it, to getting ready to make the change or do something about it.

May 17-23

This is the last quarter of the Lunar cycle, a time when our energies tend to be lower, the trend is getting played out, and we are thinking about the future. Hopefully the swine flu pandemic will be on the wane as well. It started right around the time of the new Moon last month. Will the Jupiter (lots of) conjunct Neptune (infection and other boogeymen) and Chiron (sickness & health) keep it going? The symbolism does fit the flu pandemic story, but I tend to hope for the best. Personally, I think something needs to be happening with Saturn for this to be that serious. But I could be wrong. I am open to your opinion; feel free to leave a comment below.

If we aren’t all waylaid with the bacon flu, it will be a great time to plan your activities for the coming month, starting with the new Moon on the 24th.

May 19-20, take your time with decisions as Mercury squares foggy Neptune and grandiose Jupiter. There’s a lot of information flying around, but you still may not have all the facts or the proper context for it all. Mercury sextiles Uranus in Pisces, so it is a good time to brainstorm, write down ideas, and make plans.

May 24-31

With that foggy Mercury square last week, I forgot to welcome the Sun into social Gemini after a month in practical Taurus. May 24, a New Moon in chatty Gemini for Memorial Day weekend. Gemini, Gemini, Gemini. I bet you’ll shake a lot of hands this weekend. It looks like fun, especially for chatty types, and especially with Mars about to sextile Jupiter and Neptune on the 25th and 26th. Mars-Jupiter is an especially fun and outgoing combo, combining the high energy of Mars with the optimism and expansiveness of Jupiter. Accept all invitations.

Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune all occupy 26 degrees Aquarius from May 21 through June 10. This is a very tight stellium of these three planets.

May 29, Neptune changes direction and begins 5 months of retrograde motion. Don’t worry; it happens every year. It isn’t a big deal unless you have a planet or sensitive point in your chart around 26-29 degrees of air signs or fixed signs. Then you may notice a shift as some new idea in your life takes root and begins to change you on a more inward level.

May 30, cue the Hallelujah Chorus. Mercury retrograde ends this evening.

May 31 Mars moves from fast, idealistic, daredevil Aries to slow, methodical, and security-minded Taurus.

June 1-2 are looking clear and good for work and play as Venus in Aries sextiles Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, and prepares to enter her home sign, Taurus, and bringing the relationship vibe into a more comfortable, powerful place.

Mark Your Calendar!

The best days for your highest priority plans are May 20-27.
Take a step back on May 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 16-19.

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