An unexpected emotional connection bridges a gap and opens the door to a “hybrid” solution that combines ideas from different disciplines and traditions. As Saturn forms an easy trine to Chiron, the door is open for restructuring– tweaking the rules to produce something new, unique, and practical. Chiron energy brings out “fixers,” those who have a knack for solving problems – other people’s problems. Eventually we have to work the healing magic on ourselves, and June is a good time to do so.

Consult everyone involved before making a decision that affects a partnership or group. There is still some chaos and confusion as Jupiter in nurturing Cancer enters another rough patch. We all want more love and connection, but we may seek it in ways that aren’t likely to come to a successful result. Careless remarks or off-color jokes may alienate others. Nobody’s perfect– missteps can and will occur. But don’t make excuses. Ultimately, letting others know that you understand and own your mistakes rebuilds trust.

Mercury appears to go backwards (retrograde) June 7 – July 1. Mercury retrograde brings connectivity problems, equipment malfunction, miscommunication, last-minute schedule changes, and traffic jams. Leave some room in your schedule for delays and changes of plan.

Mercury’s energy strengthens as he reverses back into Gemini on June 17, making it easier to think logically and objectively. Depending on your birth chart, it may be an auspicious time for you to take action despite Mercury being retrograde. At the very least, review old notes and contacts. You could rediscover a valuable idea or pick up a juicy thread.

Day by Day

June 1-3, love is in the air. A mellow and compassionate vibe makes for a sweet time, perhaps lunch with a cutie. Reach out; clear the air. June 4-5, transitions happen comfortably, and help is easy to find. It’s a good time to update equipment, implement staff changes, experiment, solicit new ideas, or get the team together for a brainstorming session. But give new ideas some time to ferment, as Mercury retrograde is fast approaching.

The Full Moon on June 12 highlights expansive, optimistic, adventurous Sagittarius. The Moon in mutual reception with her ruling planet, Jupiter, brings a philosophical, visionary few days when ideas come together and the big picture makes sense. Trust your inner knowing and creative vision. Uncomfortable feelings may bubble up to the surface as Mars turns up the heat on Pluto, god of the Underworld, June 12 and 13. Those feelings, if allowed to remain unaddressed and unresolved, are prone to fester and erupt above the surface around June 23-24. It is better to be aware of it than to bottle it up inside and have the bomb go off at an unplanned and potentially damaging moment.

Look for common ground June 15-16 as the Gemini Sun meets up with the Moon’s Node in Libra, generating connections and opportunities to team up with others. Mercury crosses back into Gemini on June 17, signaling a chance to review and reconnect with people and ideas that last showed up in mid to late May. It’s likely you will find something of tangible value as Venus sextiles Jupiter around June 17-18. These are also great days to offer items for sale, as prices tend to be higher. The upbeat vibe lends itself well to dates, meetings, and other get-togethers.

Life gets more complicated after the Solstice on June 21. Slow your pace down, and avoid lighting the fuse on potentially dangerous temperaments, as Mars heads into an explosive opposition to Uranus, exact on June 24. Things cool off gradually in the days that follow.

The June 27 New Moon signals new beginnings in areas ruled by the sign Cancer– women, families, mothers, homes, habits, food, security, dependency, comfort, nurturing. The New Moon’s connection with Neptune brings out intuitive abilities and stimulates the imagination. Parent-child relationships, and parent-child dynamics in what should be equal relationships, are an issue in the upcoming Lunar cycle.

Just about everybody looks sexier in candlelight– that is the state of things at month’s end. If you know that the energy of the day inclines us all to gloss over problems and see what we want to see, you’re less likely to be taken for a ride. Be conservative in matters of the heart and wallet until Venus passes through the confusing, deceptive, scandalous hall of mirrors that is a square to Neptune, June 29. Don’t get caught up in the “celebrity cheating scandal” of it all. Mercury retrograde is ending, and we will all have bigger fish to fry, very soon. To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt: small minds discuss people; great minds discuss ideas.

Mark your calendar!

Best days for top priority plans are June 3, 5, 8-12, 16-19, 27, 28.

Take it easy June 7, 13, 20-24, 29.