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An idea that first appeared in September-October 2012 takes shape in early June. The first half of June brings harmony and opportunities from unexpected sources. Committing time, energy, or money to a spiritual path or creative project now brings results in the long term. Increased tranquility and focus makes it easier to translate a dream into reality. Time spent in contemplation and meditation inspires creativity and problem solving.

A Year for Gentlefolk

It is said that a gentleman is someone who makes others feel comfortable in his presence. Emotional magnanimity, a “gentlemanly” attitude, is a key to your success between now and July 2014. It’s about creating home and family no matter your situation – on a piece of land, in a house or apartment, or on the road. Whether you create family with blood relatives, co-workers, or like-minded souls, it’s about coming together with understanding and empathy, making sure others feel understood and included. We will have opportunities to work this idea into our relationships and free ourselves from unproductive habit patterns this Summer, especially in July and August.

Businesses that stand to experience growth and innovation are restaurants and food, real estate, home building, repair, and renovation; birthing and mothering, nurseries; hotels, mining, and silver.

Day by Day

The week of June 2-6, find an older person and talk with him or her. The wisdom of age and experience helps us. Our minds are well balanced now between practical reasoning and creative imagination, and our tastes favor things that are inspiring, but still useful, especially around the home. This is a good time to form your dreams and ideas into a workable plan, formalize an agreement, or make a purchase.

The New Moon on June 8 begins a cycle of new ideas, when emotion and logic are inseparably intertwined. Ideas are flying around and slamming up against each other, and people are coming from an emotional, “inner child” place more often than they realize. Health issues involving the hands, lungs, or nervous system may flare up. Try to listen more than you talk. June 11-12, friendships and love connections are subject to surprises and turns of events. Some relationships will end; others will become stronger. Mend fences and talk things out on June 13 when it will be easier to get to the truth of the matter.

The June 23 Full Moon in Capricorn brings up issues of boundaries and trust. Look at the rules, both explicit and implied. There is some room to change things here. Where are the rules too rigid, and where can they relax? Intuition, compassion, and imagination are your allies, but you must also stay grounded and earn the trust you expect from others. Take care to communicate your plans carefully, as Mercury is slowing down and about to turn retrograde on June 26. Mercury retrograde typically brings problems with devices and networks, traffic jams, mixed communications, schedule changes, and other logistical glitches. Expect delays, be flexible, and double-check all communications before they leave your office. This Mercury retrograde period ends on July 20.

Astro-Nerd Box: Jupiter in Cancer

Between now and July 2014, Jupiter will be moving though a sign he does very
well in: Cancer. In technical terms, Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. This means Jupiter’s generous and magnanimous energy expresses easily in Cancerian ways ‑ such as family, food, nesting, and nurturing. Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – and earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – stand to benefit the most.

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Mark your calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are June 1-3, 6-11, 13, 15, 16, 20, 25-26.
Take it easy June 12, 23.

By Molly C. Gauthier