June 2011 astrological forecast for all signs


The Solar Eclipse on June 1 forms a trine to Saturn, planet of responsibility, hard work, and discipline. Saturn works well when you own your creations— past, and present, and work toward the future you want. Trines remove friction and stumbling blocks, allowing things to develop quickly and relatively painlessly. So this is a great time to set goals and intentions that you wish to work toward in the next six months. Saturn is now in Libra, the sign of his exaltation. Astrologers say that planets have “essential dignity” when exalted. This basically means that the planet’s energy gels well with the sign’s energy, and it’s easier to make things connected with that planet work well. That’s why I recommend an optimistic but cautious, practical, common-sense approach this month. Make a plan; write it down (Eclipse in Gemini).

Jupiter enters Taurus

Jupiter, planet of abundance, expansion, freedom, and exploration, spends roughly one year in each sign. On June 4, Jupiter moves from fast-paced, idealistic, competitive Aries into slow, methodical, practical, sensual Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus boosts our efforts to create greater wealth and security, and our desire to spend money on nice things.

Jupiter talisman

Jupiter truly is one of the most misunderstood planets, because many folks read the astrology books and expect a sort of cosmic “Santa Claus” to show up with bags of goodies. It doesn’t exactly work that way. Jupiter in money sign Taurus does bring wealth to those who have laid the foundation for it. And for those who haven’t, this is a great time to set yourself up for the future. Jupiter’s downside is exaggeration and excess. In financial sign Taurus, some will benefit and save; others will indulge and either fail to take advantage of available opportunities or even worse, go into debt. Those who are set up to benefit from the spending or saving urges of others— luxury retailers and financial planners, for example, should make out well in the coming year.

Jupiter sextile Neptune

As soon as Jupiter enters Taurus, he heads straight into a sextile, an opportunity aspect, with mystical, intuitive, healing Neptune, exact on June 8. With Neptune in mystical, imaginative Pisces, our heads are in the clouds, and that’s okay. But with Jupiter in practical Taurus, we benefit from having our feet firmly planted on the ground, creating something to benefit us in the tangible or financial realm. A sextile in early degrees of the signs signals an opportunity to initiate something brand new. Tune in to your “spider senses,” pay attention to your dreams and imaginings. It’s a good time for arts and crafts, shopping for new clothes, or decorating.

This sextile especially favors artists, musicians, intuitives, and anyone actively engaged in spirituality, meditation or healing. The healing dimension emerges more strongly at the end of the month as Jupiter approaches a powerful positive connection with Chiron and Pluto. For more information, read ahead to July.

June 16-17, speak up! Mercury enters Cancer and reawakens the sweet energy of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile.

June 22-25, the Sun connects with Jupiter and Neptune. Allow yourself
to be inspired. Follow your heart, but careful with any speculative or
potentially sketchy deals.

by Molly Cliborne